emeraldtopia Talia Hernandez

Emerald Castle
Politics- In emeraldtopia, It is Democracy. Instead of the President being the leader, the First Lady enforces the laws. I am the First Lady. The President works with the Plato (Government) to decide if new laws are needed to be made.The First lady works on making sure the money is used properly and that the people of Plutopia are well taken care of. Our Government is made up of two parts. The House of Nooks and the House of Stems. these two houses deal with the social structure and crime. the difference is the house of nooks is strictly female and the house of stems are males.
Economics- Emeraldtopia is located right below brazil. It is a small island. There is no National Anthem. Minimum wage in Emeraldtopia is $8.75. Workers are only allowed to work 35 hours a week. There is no such thing as overtime. All of the produce and products in our utopia come from other utopias such as Maxtopia, Reintopia etc. We trade no more than 2,000 dollars worth to keep the budget secure. Also, a lot of our ware houses make the basics; furniture, vehicles ( no cars, everyone has to take the train).
Religion - There is no discrimination. People are allowed to believe in what they want.
Emerald Baptist
Social Structure- the social structure in Emeraldtopia is divided into two categories. There are the poor and the rich. The people who are poor, are the ones who have to work and make a living for themselves. The ones who are rich are people who are born into wealth. The rich structure have to pay yearly to the poor community to help them out. How does the rich keep their money? They are involved in the trade market, they get paid to make sure our industries get what they need.
Industry- In Emeraldtopia there are about 25 factories and workshops. Each one has a different purpose. Either they are dealing with the trade routes, life supplies, technology, etc. Each industry work together to get our community together.

Arts & Entertainment- Twice a year, Emeraldtopia have a free music festival. There is music, food, arcade games, and a farris wheel. Also, we have museums, movie theaters, and a zoo. For those who go to the zoo, they must pay to see the animals, feed the animals, or to ride on the zip line.

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