Merry Christmas from all at Milefield December 2020

To all our pupils, parents and families- Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all staff at Milefield Primary School.
As the first term comes to A Close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I am so proud of the hard work, resilience and effort pupils have shown this term. Their commitment and positive attitude towards learning since the reopening of school has been second to none and they should all be extremely proud! I am so pleased with the progress and achievement pupils have made: they are a real credit to Milefield.

Thank you to all parents/carers for your ongoing support and involvement in pupils' learning and school life. This truly makes a difference and I look forward to working with you all again in the new year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all staff, our associate Trust HCAT, and governors for their dedication and hard work to support the re-opening of school and ensure all pupils are safe, happy and engaged in learning.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and restful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all back at school on 5th January 2021 (Please note MOn 4th Jan- INSET)
Mrs Trickett.

Alarna - Silent Night.


Milefield Primary proudly presents our Victorian Christmas.

Christmas may be a little different this year, however pupils at Milefield have been working hard to bring Christmas into the homes and hearts of our community.
So sit back, relax and take time to view our work and performances.

Freya: Merry Christmas Everyone

FS1: Meet the Reindeer...
FS1 had to help Santa find Rudolph because he was missing!

We listened to the poem 'twas the Night Before Christmas' they enjoyed listening to the part about the reindeers.

To support the search, we made missing posters, reindeer food, Rudolph paintings and even made chocolate playdough reindeers.

We left our Rudolph food out and he followed it back to Santa. Santa was really happy that we had helped!

Children in FS2 have been so interested in the story of The Gingerbread Man, we thought we would research some recipes of how we could make our own.

We found a Victorian recipe that we wanted to use, we listed the ingredients and wrote instructions to follow.

We then worked together to bake our own gingerbread man.

We were so excited to try this the next day. However, when we arrived back at school we noticed something suspicious…

Our Victorian recipe had made the Gingerbread Man come to life!!

We discussed that we may have possibly used too much ginger! As we didn't want this to happen to anyone else, we created our own gingerbread man recipe for the future. We practised lots of phonics skills when writing our own recipes and lots of creative ideas were shared.

Jersie - Do You Hear What I Hear?

In Class 1, we have been learning all about the Nativity through our RE lessons. Our Nativity performance takes us back to why Christmas is so important.

The story begins showing some children sleeping under the Christmas tree surrounded by presents. Angel Gabriel arrives in their dreams to show them the true meaning of Christmas where the Nativity begins.

We had Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three kings, the innkeeper, the shepherd, angels and the donkey.

At the end of the Nativity the children realise it was all a dream, but they now feel differently about Christmas.

Angel Gabriel then goes back to join the angels, his job has been completed. The children now know the true meaning behind Christmas.
On the run up to Christmas, Y1/2 have been learning about advent calendars.

We have researched historical aspects of advent calendars, such as: where they originated from; what they were originally made of and how they have developed over the ages.

We have also created our own advent calendar. Each day we add a puff of white, and when it’s full, Santa will come that night!
Class 2 have really enjoyed learning about the history of Christmas cards.

First, we did lots of research to find out when the tradition of Christmas cards began. We found out that the custom of sending Christmas cards, as we know it today, was started in the UK by Sir Henry Cole way back in 1843!

Next, we looked at some examples of Christmas cards from that era and compared them to how cards look today.

Finally, we designed and made our own fabulous Christmas cards to send home to loved ones.

Ava - Mistletoe

In Year 3, we learned about the history of presents and its relationship with Christmas during the Victorian period.

In Literacy, we wrote and performed our own acrostic poems about Christmas.

In our production, we performed our class poem, read out facts about the history of presents and one child performed their own acrostic poem.
In year 3/4 we looked at the traditional Christmas cracker and when it originated.

The children researched questions they wanted to find out about Christmas crackers on iPads and then used the information to write facts about Christmas crackers.

We also looked at how Christmas crackers were made and had a go at creating our own. These included a tray and a joke inside like traditional crackers.
Class 4: Christmas pudding, CHRISTMAS PUDDING, NICE AND HOT...
In Year 4, we have looked at the tradition of Christmas Puddings.

We turned our classroom into the set of the Great British Bake Off and had a go at making a Christmas Pudding of our own. We used dried currants, raisins, candied peel, cranberries, apricots and blueberries. We replaced the alcohol with lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange juice. We added flour, butter, sugar, eggs and breadcrumbs.

We all had a go at mixing the pudding, just like the traditions in the past. We put the pudding in the slow cooker and cooked it in water for 10 hours. To Finish, the cook gave it a blast in the steamer the following morning.

The pudding smelt divine when she brought it up to us. We all tried it. Most of us really enjoyed it.

Willow said, 'We made this? Wow!' She definitely enjoyed it.

Alarna - Fairytale of New York

Class 5: O'christmas tree, O'Christmas Tree
In Class 5, we researched the history of the Christmas tree.

However, due to the bubble closure, we only had two afternoons to put together all of our ideas. We think we did really well!

Class 6: A Christmas carol
Year 6 chose to retell the traditional charles dickens novel- a christmas carol.

To find out more information, we looked at the story in more detail in our LIRA sessions and the children came to the conclusion that Scrooge became consumed with his own wealth and greed that he lost what was really important to him - his loved ones.

The children reflected on this and found that the true meaning of Christmas was family and loved ones not what was under the Christmas tree. We looked at the lessons that the ghost taught Scrooge and the deeper meaning that they brought to the story.

The children then executed a wonderful interpretation of the play through a poem and the children got into character as the narrators and actors and pulled this together in a matter of days!

Families also supported Y6 with props and costumes in which all of Year 6 children and staff were incredibly thankful for.

Both children and staff would like to wish Y6 a very Merry Christmas to all families and loved ones!

Milefield Staff - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Key Dates for the Diary (Spring Term):
Spring Term 1- Pupils should return to school on: tuesday 5th January 2021
INSET Day: Monday 4th January 2021
February Half Term: 15th-19th February 2021
Spring Term 2- Pupils should return to school on: Monday 22nd Feb 2021


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