What are some kinds of plants?

Today we are going to identify trees, vines, and flowers as plants. We will also observe and describe similarities and differences between plants.

Plants are the oldest living things on earth. They are very important for the earth, animals, and humans. They help create oxygen, and they also help us keep the air clean. Plants make their food from the sun, soil, and water. When they die they become part of the soil, enriching it with nutrients that will feed new plants.

There are many different kinds of plants!

Trees are the largest plants and they have large woody stems.

Vines are plants with a stem that needs support to climb on or twine around.

Grassess grow in many places and are usually green.

Shrubs may have woody stems and are smaller than trees. They are also called bushes.

Ferns are plants that have no flowers. They are easy to recognize because their leaves look like feathers.

All plants need air, water, and food to survive. Plants grow in the ground, and they don't move from place to place. Plants don't eat, but they make their own food. Some plants have flowers and other plants are don't.

Nos lets go outside and observe all the different kinds of plants we have in school!

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