In Defense of Donna Osborn By: Nelson rodriguez

Credibility is due and we must be able to trust the sources. Although this case can be described objectively through neuroscience and psychology. We can also describe it ethically. Much to the discreet of many. Ethics can be described objectively through the understanding of science and reason, since ethics are predicated on the well-being of a human being. Donna Osborn never had absolute control over her incentives. She knew that her perpetrator was a danger to her and her son. Considering he threatened to bludgeon her with a baseball bat; It is ethically tasteful to take precautionary means to inflict lethal force in the case that it actually escalates there. Humans are still animals, and have instincts we cannot discount our fundamental nature and pretend we know she could have acted in a way which was perfectly rational and safe. If our fundamental nature as humans beings doesn't convince you that she isn't intrinsically immoral, then I don't know what will.

The answer to this predicament is crystal clear and can be understood on a deep scientific level. Donna Osborn suffers from a debilitation called "battered woman syndrome". This stems from consistent abuse from another man. Now, to say that this woman should be severely punished on the bases of the taking of another life is tantamount to ignorance of the human psyche. I couldn't be anymore obvious that her husband was the cause of her behavior. It is rational and legal to use lethal force when you feel that your life is in danger. Free will was simply not conducive in her behavior. In fact we can say that she was the victim; The victim of her own biology.

Donna Osborne is only one of the many women who are victims of a man's abuse. Contrary to thought, this is actually a growing epidemic. How are we just going to sit here and pretend like she hasn't already suffered enough? I mean, really? Are we all going to fail to reason with her and act like those months of abuse and harassment were tantamount to nothing? Clinton, her husband whether or not has been abused as a child or not has been lost, but that's what happens when you threaten to bludgeon someone with a baseball bat and be genuine about it. Now the probability of jail time is weighing over her head. This is lucidly absurd and shouldn't even be considerable factor in the midst of our discourse. Donna Osborn is without doubt, not guilty.

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Nelson Rodriguez

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