Session Stories: Winter Fey - a concept born and delivered on the fly

a mobile story

Original capture

Model Araidia Tombes (aka Teresia) approached me about doing a "winter fey" earlier this year. She always has the best concepts and I was eager to shoot with her again. Costumes, makeup and prosthetics are always in her game-day plans and she never disappoints. It was a great shoot and we got a ton of cool shots. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to work up the shoot until I was stuck traveling at a much later date

Above is one of the original captures I rediscovered on a plane ride to Las Vegas where I was to teach at Photoshop World - both in Adobe's booth and on the 'big stage'. I was teaching Lightroom for mobile as well as the Photoshop mobile apps, Mix and Fix. I was looking for a good example to show on the big screen behind the speakers podium in the Adobe booth and I stumbled upon this shoot which I'd uploaded to my iPad via Lightroom for mobile. After a quick clean up of the raw photograph in Lightroom for desktop and subsequently in Lightroom for mobile, I sent the image to Photoshop Fix.

Retouched & face-shaped

After retouching the slight blemishes and fly-away hairs, the goal here was to do some face shaping to gently urge the features towards a more elvish/fairylike appearance. The new Face-aware Liquify tool in Photoshop fix is tailor-made for this project. Elvishly tapered features greatly enhanced this shoot's goal. The prosthetic ears brought by Teresia needed no help! With the modifications complete, I went after providing a more ethereal glow to the hair as well as painted in some streaks to impart a little motion into the scene. It was going to be a windy, snowy wintery scene so I needed a little horizontal movement. From here, it was time to briefly leave the Adobe apps and send the image to a third-party for some special effects.

Special effects

Fortunately, the Photoshop mobile apps are great at using third-party solutions to extend your editing capabilities. I sent the image from Photoshop Fix to an app called Enlight. Enlight is great at adding little details like snowflakes. A smattering of various size and varied opacity-applied snowflakes completed spaces giving it a more winters feel.

Finishing touches

In the finished image, mists, hazes, fogs and whiteness were created using a return trip to Photoshop Fix and then finally back to Lightroom for final output. Gentle brush strokes of whiteness, combined with radial filters featuring saturation reduction, negative dehaze, negative clarity and sharpness combined to go from more real to more ethereal! It is a softer, colder and 'fluffier' image than the original capture!

for review...

With the exception of the original import into Lightroom for desktop and the syncing of the image up to the Creative Cloud, the iPad and iPhone were the workhorses in producing the finished work. iOS apps: Lightroom for mobile Photoshop Fix, and Enlight combined to produce this result which was shared on the Adobe booth big screen during our session breaks.

The mobile environment is quickly becoming a viable platform to provide a legitimate creative space for editing pictures and creating your digital art. It is time to start considering mobile workflows to create your masterpieces - anywhere - anytime.

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