Stephen C. O'Connell Center Business Internship Position


  • Marketing Major
  • Involvement
  • Agenda: Introduction, Company Mission, Internship Description, Why?, Conclusion
Mission Statement: "serve as an academic, athletic, recreational and entertainment facility. In addition, we strive to provide superior service to guests and clients, and training for future leaders while operating the Center’s auxiliary as a financially self-supporting entity."

What does an internship at the O'Connell Center look like?

Business Internship Description: "a marketing and special events emphasis that offers a unique and flexible variety of opportunities for students."
  • Provides Exposure
  • Opportunities
  • Hands on experience in many areas
Why it's important to me...

Employee Benefits

  • Affordable cost and expenses (i.e. living)
  • Entails 20 hours a week
  • Paid internship

Personal Connection and Networking

  • Personal Connection
  • Relates to my personal interests
  • Networking for a future career

Prepare for the Future

  • Accepted as an internship for major
  • Create important relationships
  • Opportunity to focus on event planning

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