A Bizarre Life on Mars Bryce tindell 12/8/16 Geo space p.6

We plan to launch from Wallops Island, 6 square miles off of the eastern shore in Virginia in the year 2024. The goal of our mission is to go to Mars and start planning out how people could get here and how life could be maintained here. This mission could take many years of money and fuel preparation but the trip there and back would take about 2 1/2 years. There are no supplies that have been sent to Mars yet because my crew will be the first to reach Mars and drop off supplies.

Wallops Island

My first crew member will be Resse petty, we will have a laid back not so stressful journey to Mars. His main job is to keep everything nice neat and organized for the planned mission. My second crew member will be the very experienced Robert Shane Kimbrough, he will be the captain because of how experienced he is. The third crew member is Sergey Ryzhikov, He will be our navigator. The fourth crew member will be Andrey Borisenko, he wil be our mechanic. Then the fifth crew member will be me, Bryce Tindell, I will be the communications tech and a secondary mechanic. Now aside from our crew members lets go over the training. Most training that all of these crew members had to go through is a lot of education in school. The training is really difficult and very time consuming. The training consists of walking under water. The reason they do this is so they have an idea of what it feels like to move in space. they also have zero gravity simulators so your body can build a resistance to zero gravity in space. Also they train them to be able to stay in a small confined area so they will have a very string idea of what its like to live in space for 2 and a half years.

The name of the rocket is called Copernicus's Awakening. The type of rocket we will use is rocket engines that burn liquid oxygen. This is the only type of fuel that can get us to Mars and back. it is a sketchy mission because we are the first ones to drop off supplies and we cant get any extra fuel from the planet to make sure that we get back. The design of the rocket will be like the Falcon 9 just a different amount of rockets and different aerodynamics. The way I will keep the crew protected is by making them exercise and eat a non-aging diet. I will also have a satellite orbiting around our space craft to slow down the speed of meteorites and it also protects from radiations but not any as powerful as gamma rays. The characteristics that the space craft will have is a reflective type material that is not available to public knowledge and material use. This material bounces back the harsh radiation and meteorites. We also have a satellite orbiting our spaceship that slows the time of the meteorites so they won't power through the spacecraft. Items that everyone needs to take are something like epee pens that help with being allergic to anything or have a weird reaction. They also need to take with them special belongings that could potentially help them if they have bad anxiety.

Falcon 9 concept with different rocket concept with the satellite

We eventually arrived to mars and just as expected it was dry and dusty so glass domes are going to be a must for oxygen and other vital elements for humans. The habitat is very rocky ,dusty, and grass will probably not grow on Mars. The space station will warn us when there is anything harmful near us such as radiation forming or meteorites headed our way. Communication is key to space travel because without it there wouldn't even be a mission to Mars. Water should be okay here because Mars has contained water before. Food on the other hand, i'm not sure because we would need crops and animals for food. We could take some from earth though and store it on Mars in gigantic freezers to keep them fresh. Its not like we can go from Mars to Earth in 2 hours and get fast food. Most everything will be stored though and when it comes to travel cars wouldn't work well so we would need a new design of car. Until then everyone can float around. They will need to experiment with humans to see if they are able to live in a dome with an oxygen supply. We could also try and get soil and water to grow trees because there has been found fossilized tree roots. The only way we'd be able to sustain life is by an oxygen supply so we will try these experiments. Hopefully, everything goes as planned.

Trees found on Mars!?

Safe travels from Crew 11 and astronaut Tindell. Project CA 1, Mars Mission.


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