Harnessing the Blockchain for Social Good Techstars APAC Summit, 24th June 2018

How did I get here?

  • 22 YO, Engineering Graduate
  • First Startup Weekend, met some amazing people
  • Positive energy from one person can create so much change! Inspired by #GiveFirst!

What does poverty look like in 2018?

  • World Population? 50% of it. (3 billion people)
  • 1 billion of these in extreme poverty (<1$ per day)
  • 60B$ needed anually to end extreme poverty (1/4 of top 100 billionaires incomes - Oxfam)

Why are they (mill, bill and us) not #GivingFirst?

  • Lack of transparency in non profits
  • Not content with the recognition
  • Lack of Vetted Options

How do we solve this?

Enter the Blockchain - AKA DIM-SUM!

  • D - Database
  • I - Immutable
  • M - Millions
  • S - Secure
  • U - Uneditable
  • M - Miners

Now simply apply DIM-SUM to Social Good!

  • Database - Everytime someone is helped, a transaction is added to the database - reputation.
  • Immutable - Claims CANNOT be changed at a future date; wrong claims - Reputation Deducted
  • Millions - of copies of this database are stored around the world, making it impossible to be hacked
  • Secure
  • Uneditable
  • Miners

Incentivizing users and corporations?

  • Cryptographic tokens - Reputation
  • NOT Tradeable/transferable
  • More Help - More Tokens - More Reputation
  • The super rich care about reputation - but currently reputation is decided by how much you are worth or how much money a company makes.

The Future!

  • Leaders - Not by Money but by Amount of Help
  • Corporates, HNIs, Governments COMPETE to help people
  • Shift focus from making money to helping people - Blockchain can revolutionize social impact!


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