Modern Chinese Warlord period 1911-1928 TanNer,Christian,Myles

(1912)@Sun_Yat-Sen Just took my position as temporary president of the new Chinese republic. #winning

(1912)@Yuan_Shikai I've taken control of Beijing. #imperialarmyftw

(1920) @Sun_Yat-Sen Trying to fix our country by putting together the broken pieces. #imtryingpeople

(1925) @Chiang_Kai-Shek I will be taking over the Kuomintang in place of @Sun_Yat-Sen #finishwhatSunstarted

@Sun_Yat-Sen Wanting to end foreign domination. I want a Republic. #nottoday

(March 10 1912) @Sun_Yat-Sen I've become provisional president of the Republic of China #Incharge

(1920)@Sun_Yat-Sen They wanted a revolution I'll give them one #ThePeopleChoice

(1927)@Chiang_Kai-shek So what I turned on my communists allies #Trader

(1934)@Chiang_Kai-Shek I drove the communist out of their mountain bases # Don'tmesswithme

(1949) Chiang_Kai-Shek So what that I left #HelloTaiwanbyeCommunists

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