The Vision

The year was 2004, and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation unveiled a new wonder to the world — Bully Pulpit Golf Course — and the world noticed.

Built right into the natural North Dakota badlands, Bully Pulpit quickly became a living legend and international golfing destination. No other course looked or played anything like it, the golf world was irresistibly drawn to it, and the Bully Pulpit experience soon brought in players, press and accolades alike.

As one of the crown jewels of the Medora experience, Bully Pulpit has served the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation well, and now it is our turn to return the favor and protect, innovate and preserve its legacy for today, tomorrow and forever.

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges of building a world-class golfing experience in the North Dakota badlands is the badlands itself. It is a land of extremes, both in geography and weather, and such a combination takes its toll over time. Weather weathers everything, whether it’s a majestic butte, sheer cliff face or man-made golf course.

Bully Pulpit is also riparian, with both Davis Creek and the Little Missouri River adding to the allure of the golf course, and also adding to its challenges. We’ve experienced several impactful floods since Bully Pulpit’s inception, which has affected the play on crucial parts of the front and back 9. Course corrections have been made, but now it’s time for longer-lasting solutions.

Another issue is that the Next Big Thing doesn’t stay the Next Big Thing forever. At least, not without help. Bully Pulpit is still an unforgettable and beloved golfing experience, but its glory has faded a bit over time. Free press and awards have slowed. Player expectations continue to rise, and new courses continue to be built elsewhere. We need to add to the Bully Pulpit experience without making the price of the experience out of reach for most players — players who are also visitors to and fans of Medora.

Few golf courses are profitable, and many receive money through civic sources. The only revenue Bully Pulpit normally receives comes from greens fees and clubhouse purchases.

Since Bully Pulpit isn’t a municipal course, doesn’t receive government funds, and isn’t part of a country club, this is your opportunity to become an important part of the solution.

The Plan

Quite simply, it is time to act.

To bring Bully Pulpit back to its former glory, with a few changes. To get Bully Pulpit back into the Top 100 golf course lists, and keep it there. To work even more closely with nature, enhance conservation practices and take steps to reduce flooding disruptions. To have Bully Pulpit, and the rest of the Medora experience, seen as a world-class attraction. To secure funding so Bully Pulpit can continue to challenge and amaze players.

Project Objectives

  • Reclaim. Restore. Rejuvenate.
  • Minimize flooding impact through layout, structure and a dike.
  • Keep course playable during changes.
  • Allow for future adaptability with alternate hole.
  • Maintain yardage and scorecard quality.
  • Improve Bully Pulpit.
  • Preserve by building a sustaining endowment.

Phase 1

  • New Hole #3
  • New Hole #4
  • New Hole #7
  • New Hole #11
  • Alternative Hole
  • Flood Mitigation Efforts: Dike and Control Structure
  • 2 Miles of Cart Path (of 6 Total Planned)

Phase 2

  • New, Permanent Restroom at Hole #13/#17
  • Green Replacement Hole #14
  • Green Replacement Hole #16
  • 4 Miles of Cart Path (Completes 6 Total Planned)
  • Practice Facility Improvements

Your support will help sustain for decades.

To ensure the Bully Pulpit experience can be preserved for future generations, a portion of each support opportunity will go directly into a preserving endowment. And, additional endowment support will combine with those funds to help battle, and win, against the brutal elements and unique challenges that come from the North Dakota badlands. It’s the right thing to do and built with the players of tomorrow in mind.

The Legacy Continues at Bully Pulpit Ranch

We’re not only thinking of the next few years, but of the decades to come. Additional BHAG (Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goals.) innovations and enhancements may also include:

  • Clubhouse expansion
  • Conservation efforts that make BP energy independent
  • Innovative, recycle irrigation system
  • Another 18 holes
  • Bully Pulpit Lodge & Conference Center

This is the perfect time for Bully Pulpit Golf Course to embark on this legacy project. Our plan of action will solve the natural erosion and flooding issues and rebuild important parts of the front and back 9 to elevate the quality of play for the entire course.

The uniqueness, challenges and majesty of Bully Pulpit are waiting to wow and amaze players from around the world once again. With your generosity and name behind our efforts, Bully Pulpit can once again take its rightful place in the upper echelons of the world’s most fantastic golf courses.

For more information

Daniel Gannarelli

Bully Pulpit Campaign Officer