A celebration to Joan of Arc By Sean Wilson

The celebration of Joan of Arc is celebrated in France. It is celebrated every first week of may
It is celebrated for her bravery, honor and her sacrifice. which is also why they celebrate ww2 (world war 2) victory day
There a a whole bunch of customs/ activities. There is fencing, marching, jousting (as shown in the picture),juggling, battle re-enactments, crafts, bands, singing, kid activities, and re-enactments of how it was back then.
The foods that they eat for this occasion are the type of foods they ate back in Joan of Arcs times. Like baked goods, tea (a lot of tea) different types of meat like sheep, goat and then the stuff that we eat today.
the clothes that they wore back then is very different from todays. for this event they wear gowns, gold, and Armour. Basically they just try to copy the style that was from the medieval times.
During this time they try to decorate it how it was in the medieval times. For instance, during this time there was a lot of wars going on so they would decorate with their flag, tents, cannons, horses, knights and people dressing in medieval clothing.
This holiday is very important to their culture because Joan of Arc was such a big part of their history. She sacrificed everything and lost everything. She did it all for France. she was brave and determined. She is a symbol to France
People get work off for this celebration and it goes for a week so its a pretty big deal. It lasts for a week and its a huge deal. Since Joan of arc is from France only France celebrates it, which makes it more special.
We celebrate something similar to Joan of Arc day... We celebrate Christopher Columbus day which is sort of like Joan Of Arc day. just like them we celebrate his honor sacrifice and his accomplishments. there celebrations and ours are not very different, They decorate, eat special foods, dress up, and come together.
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