2016-2017 Art Portfolio Anna-Marie O'Donnell

I took Intro to Art because I've always enjoyed art, and I wanted to learn more about art itself. I was expecting to learn new techniques of drawing, and i have.

Edges and Contour Drawing Technique
Negative and Positive Spaces Strategy
Lights and Shadows Strategy
Relationships and Proportions Strategy
I have improved in the contour strategy the most because I used to not draw any of the little bumps and rivets.
My most improved area is realism and getting all of the small details that should be there.

Chiaroscuro is the contrast between light and dark to give the illusion of space. A good example of this is my nose and lips on my fragmented self-portrait above.

The first picture is the first time I had attempted a self-portrait, and the last picture is the most recent one that I have done. I improved a lot in my self-portraits. The most improvements are the nose and eyes. I also improved on my proppotions.
If I could redo one piece, I'd want to redo this trial self-portrait. I kept messing up on the nose, and the charcoal set into the paper so I wasn't able to take it out and redo the shadow. If I redid this today, it could turn out a lot better and more accurate because I have also learned a lot since then.
My two most improved areas are color use and my drawing ability. I can draw more realistically and proportionally correct. I also know about which colors should and should not be next to each other or be mixed.
Second Semester Portfolio
I learned the most from doing reduction prints. I never knew what reduction prints were or how to make them until this semester. I learned how to use carving tools and had a lot of fun during this project.
In the chalk pastel piece, I learned how to float colors ontopp of other colors. The best way to do this is by using analogous colors. In the watercolor piece, I had to avoid using complimentary colors because if they mix together, a gross brown color is produced. Both of these projects helped me learn to use analogues colors correctly and better than I had before.
I feel more comfortable with oil pastels than chalk pastels. When I was doing the still life chalk pastel artwork, I had a difficult time getting used to the medium and getting a feel for it.
I have gotten more creative over this year in my art. An example is the colors that I chose for the O'Keeffe project (left) is a better choice than the ones that I had chosen for the project on the right.
I've also grown more confident as an artist over this year. While making my self portrait (right) I wasn't very confident that I could do a good job. By the time that I was making the oil pastel piece (left) I was confident that it would turn out well.

I discovered that I've grown more confident in what I do in art projects. I have always loved art, but learning how to properly use different mediums and techniques has helped me improve and love art even more.

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