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Students are required to follow all the guidelines for the college application process. A part of most college applications is the SAT. Once students take the SAT and receive a score, they can choose to use that score for their application or retake the SAT and try to earn the score they were wanting to receive.

Students have mixed emotions when it comes to taking the SAT. They get so overwhelmed over a score that does not determine any of their abilities. Students have different test taking strategies that can be a positive or negative action for their score, and students are involved in so much more where they can show off their abilities.

Students can be involved in many different extracurricular activities. Sports are a popular activity that teenagers participate in, either a school sport or a league sport. Being on a sports team is where students gain new skills and learn how to be leader, a teammate, and a friend. Therefore, teenagers have abilities in all different areas of their lives.

Students also carry technology skills. These skills can be helpful in college and eventually once students get out in the adult world. Technology is another area where students have skills.

Students are also involved in their academics. The focus is not just trying to earn an SAT score, but also building a high school profile is important. In all seriousness, a students high school profile will have the most affect on their college applications.

Students need to focus on gaining skills in all of the areas in their lives. School should be their number one priority and should be teenagers main focus. Extracurricular activities come after school, but it is important to participate in activities when ever students get the chance.

The college admissions process is not an easy road. Students have so much they need to focus on and the SAT is something that could be eliminated. It does not determine who they are as a person. Students need to be happy and excited when it comes to applying to colleges and universities.


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