Mica-Elgin Vi has a lot of different interests in his life; music, film, photography and fashion. He wanted to make something that can incorporate all of those in one. He created Modern Day Fitzgerald. According to Mica-Elgin Vi, Modern Day Fitzgerald is more than a band, but a lifestyle representing his own personal renaissance. On the music side of the spectrum, Modern Day Fitzgerald is a rock band with proper etiquette. With their new album coming out, The Nostalgic Generation, it’s a story about his own infatuation of the past and his personal struggle to move forward. Combining genres from pop songs from the 60’s with a sophisticated modern approach to british rock with true lyrical content from Vi, you cannot deny the catchiness and realism of their songs.

On the other side of the spectrum, he deliberately uses music videos to help paint a picture of his songs. He also uses other online content to document his journey of being a musician; vlogs, podcasts, interviews with different creators and more. The main goal is not only share his own story but also build value onto others to create positivity in todays' culture.


- Opened up for: The Romantics, Castlecomer, The Ghost Wolves, Leopold & His Fiction

-Performed at The Midcoast Takeover Showcase during South By Southwest, The Sunset Music Fest, Swift Mile Fest & more

"Having a knack for poetic focused fun rock numbers, Modern Day Fitzgerald didn’t fall short..." - Playlist Play





Photos by Lucas Carpenter

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