The Properties of: Water


Definition: The net result of the overall negative charge of the oxygen atom and the overall positive changes of the hydrogen atoms. The outcome is a difference in charge from one end of the molecule to the other.

Whats the impact: Because water is polar it reacts with other polar substance like: other water molecules, sugar, salt and nucleic acids (oranges, grapefruits kiwis etc.) Sugar and salt dissolve in water while nucleic acids mix with water. Non-polar substances do not react with water or even mix with them. These substances include oils and fats.


Definition: Property of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force, due to the cohesive nature of water.

Water Strider

Whats the impact: Some small animals have the ability to walk on water due to surface tension. You see, the surface of water posses molecules that form a strong bond. This means that its a bit harder to push down on. Animals such as water striders (they don't weigh much) take advantage of this. They are able stand on the water because of the thin floor that the bonds make


Definition: Water molecular cohesion is a property that allows water molecules to be attracted to other water molecules.

Whats the impact: Water cohesion means that droplets of water can stick together. For example, if you turned on the tap and run your hand under it, your touching thousands of water drops. In the lab we performed, we dropped one droplet of water (with a pipette) onto a penny. We dropped another drop on it and watched the two combine into one. Essentially without water cohesion, if you ran the tap you would feel and see individual water droplets.


Definition: Adhesion is a property that allows water molecules to be attracted to other molecules

Whats the impact: Its essentially the same thing as water cohesion but with different substances. Take water with lemon or lime juice. Adhesion allows the different molecules to mix with each other to make one drink. Without it, if you tried to mix lemon juice with water, it wouldn't mix.


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