it's the simple things that aren't seen what goes past the eyes and becomes unnoticed

What do you think of when you think of something or someone being unnoticed? Is it just them being ignored, or unseen? Actually, it's the moments in time that people don't think twice about; the moments when people don't stop to turn around and check out things twice. It has become a daily thing for people to not take the time to stop and look at things anymore. No matter what it is, nobody has the time. Throughout my week here I have noticed many things that people just walk past, or don't pay enough attention to. People need to start paying more attention to the people and surroundings around them, because one day it won't be there, one day everyone will forget about that person, place or thing. Be appreciative of what's around you because soon it may no longer exist.

Two friends were in the process of getting ready for a quick picture in front of the fountain, when a before picture was taken and caught them in the act of pure happiness right before the real thing.
If you look closely you can see the pureness in his face while he's out on the corner singing his heart out and playing his guitar with no worries and pure content.
After making jokes with their friends, the two young women made a quick turn around and in the act a quick picture was captured; with both of them laughing and enjoying the moment while the sun was setting in the distance.
Showing her true, inner, personality this young lady makes an interesting face while enjoying a good time during the "golden hour."
This woman was taking pictures and stopped for a few short seconds to take a sneak peek at the image.
The young women working a small record/clothing store was a mysterious and unique human being, she welcomed being photographed while strolling throughout the store.

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