A book you say your world youth day experience

The book is all about sharing your world youth day story.

I want to know what is so special about you and how did world youth day really change your life ?

Many people had an adventure just to be in a world youth day. Some sold most of their belongings, and other postponed their education, work, and other commitments in order to participate in this incredible event.

I want you to share what is in your heart, and to really be honest and share your best memory, or part of your life whether it was in the world youth day events themselves or related to it.

Each person will have a page or two in the book depending on how big the testimony/story sent.

High quality pictures are recommended so I would put them on your page in the book so the reader would enjoy the story.

In the end, the layout of the book will be similar to the following picture but not exactly the same.

The most important thing is that I want you to be honest and just write from the heart. Your story could be your favorite memory, funniest memory, or if you are like me you could write about how many times you got lost on the train in rio trying to reach information station in lagoa for your shift C (6 pm to 12 am).

I hope the book in the end will be a great one so you could share it between your family and friends hoping people will understand what the world youth day or being a volunteer for the catholic church is all about.

Of course, you can submit your story by simply sending it to TheCatholicYouth@gmail.com. Please make the subject of the email to be : "My Story" so I know how to sort them. Do not forget to send your pictures also which I prefer to be high definition.

For any questions, please contact me as soon as possible.

Deadline is end of February

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