Mahatma Gandhi An Indian civil-rights leader

The salt law was a law that prevented Indians from buying, selling, and eating Salt which was an important part of their diet and culture. So Gandhi and 24 other people embarked from Sabarmati to Dandhi and made sea salt. because this was against the law Gandhi was arrested.
Here are some pictures that I took from my exhibit about Gandhi in the museum of caring.

Gandhi is largely considered the "Father of India" because it was primarily his actions that lad to India becoming a free country and no longer a British colony.

After WWII India was guaranteed independence by the British. But India had to be Split in into 2,India and Pakistan. This was because India and Pakistan followed 2 religions Hinduism and Islam. Gandhi protested against this, but this lead to his assassination. The rivalry between India and Pakistan still exists today.

Here is a Video I made on Gandhi. It gives some fun facts that I didn't mention during this spark page. And you can listen to this instead of reading through the whole web page.,


Created with images by Timothy Tolle - "Gandhi"

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