Behind the Door of D4! learning, laughing and having fun - January 27, 2017

Weather News

We have enjoyed our rainy days, some of us walked home in the rain and noticed that it rained hard then would stop and rain some more. We wanted to measure the rainfall over the weekend, but there wasn't enough to measure.

Joke of the Week

Why does the lightening come out? Zeus got mad at us. (Bailey)

What do you call a bunch of chickens camping? Chicken TENters (Andrew)

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator (Aidyn)

What is the longest word in the dictionary? Smile because it had a mile in it. (Devon)

What's a dog's favorite dance? A DISCo (Emma Jo)

What did the plate say to the other plate? Lunch is on me. (Adrian)

Why did the cat get kicked out of school? Because he was a Cheetah! (Emma A.)

What's Happening In Math??

We are learning to decompose fractions (turning 3/8 into 1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 or 3 X 1/8. We are having lots of fun learning about fractions and making equivalent fractions too. We are continuing to practice multiplication and division too.


We are reading about weather also in our reading books, learning how to read maps, diagrams and summarizing what we read. We are reading about the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire!


In writing we have been writing opinions about weather using a plan called OREO. This stands for Opinion, Reason, Example and Opinion again. We decided that our writing likes to be double stuffed so that is our writing goal making sure to add text evidence and support it with double examples and reasons.

Look for information to come regarding our Valentine's Day OREO celebration where we celebrate our writing and everything OREO!

Mrs. Parnell's Corner News

Our field trip is on Tuesday, January 31st to the Symphony. Please make sure you either bring a lunch or get one from the cafeteria.

Dynamic Diamondback - Every Friday one of our fantastic students is selected to be put into a drawing for Dynamic Diamondback. They get selected by a staff member for following the skills of the week and the Bee Kind Pledge.

Spirit Week - Next Week

Weather Presentations!!

Our Weather Reports look great and I am so excited to say we had 100% turned in today! Way to go 4th graders!!!


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