Cats All that glisters is not gold.

This presentation shows that even though the cats are "pretty", they might have some serious health problems that may cause them to be "not so pretty". So, all that glisters is not really gold.

The Himalayan Cat Breed -

  • Selective, man-made, breed.
  • Lives 9 - 15 years.
  • Sinus, Liver, Skin, Eye and Breathing problems.
  • The average kitten price is 300 - 500 dollars.
  • They are not easy to groom.
  • They have no potential for playfulness.

The Persian Cat Breed -

  • They have kidney diseases, retinal problems, bladder stones and infections, and liver problems.
  • They shed A LOT, since they shed their coat all at once.
  • They don't have a lot of energy.
  • Not really friendly to kids.
  • Very popular pedigree.

The Abyssinian Cat Breed -

  • They have kidney, eye, knee, gum, jawbone, brain, spine, and nerve problems. They also have low levels of red blood cells.
  • Lives 9 - 15 years.
  • Very intelligent and playful.

The Scottish Fold Cat Breed -

Scottish Fold
  • They have cartilage problems. They also have painful arthritis which causes them to occasionally limp and avoid jumping.
  • They live up to 15 years.
  • The kitten price range is 400 - 600 dollars.
  • They have osteochondrodysplasia, which is also skeletal displacia, or the disorder of the development of bone and cartilage.

This shows that even though the cats are cute or funny, they "aren't so pretty" under their coat. So, all that glisters isn't really gold.

Presentation By : Zoe Prater - 05/05/17 - 2nd Block - Jackson - Cats


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