Donut Say No To Donuts

Our project idea was to surprise the cheer team with donuts so they can start their practice on a happy note instead of not wanting to be there.

  1. Consumption to contribution- opening each door and asking "How can I serve? What should I get?" This ties in to the project because I thought about what would make the cheer team the most happy and I figured they would like to have a free snack before they start practice.
  2. Transaction to trust- "you can't shake hands with a clenched fist." This ties into the project because we wanted to do something for a group people we personally know and will hopefully accept our act of kindness.
  3. Isolation to Community- where you honor your inner-connectedness with others. This ties into the project because it definitely brought people closer together and everyone was happy with the outcome of the activity.
  4. Scarcity to abundance- ties into this project from the perspective of how we had to pay. On one hand we did not want to spend some of our money with the thought that we would have less for ourselves. But then we thought about the happiness that it would cause our teammates and we didn't mean doing it. Our mindset changed from scarcity to abundance.
  • Vittoria- My expectations for this project is to have the cheer team be very excited and thankful that we gave them free donuts.
  • Priscilla- My expectations was to brighten up a teams practice and bring them happiness.
  • Sofia- My expectations from this project is to bring happiness to our team. They will think that it's just a normal practice but this will take everyone out of the normalcy.
  • Michael- My expectations for this project is to do something a group of people won't expect. No one would think to bring food for one of the sports team in our school so I hope activity is something different.
  • Vittoria- What I've learned through this activity is that people are usually very schocked when someone tries to do something nice for someone which made me realize we should do it more often.
  • Sofie- I've learned to be kind in this project. There shouldn't be a reason why we need to do something nice for someone and happiness can come from doing something for others, I have also learned the differences between the scarcity and abundance mindset.
  • Priscilla- This activity has taught me that the smallest things could change someone's mood completely. Something as simple as bringing them donuts could brighten up their day. It also taught me to show kindness to others.
  • Michael- I learned I should do more kind deeds to others because I feel as if not a lot of people receive it. In the video, I saw that many people were surprised with what we had for them and it shouldn't be like that.

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