Dolly Parton Country Music Star

Early Life

Doctor Thomas came rushing down the dirt path on horseback to meet the Partons. They were about to have their fourth child, little Dolly Rebecca Parton. She was born on January nineteenth in 1946 in her brand new home, on a farm in Locust Ridge, Sevier County, Tennessee. Little Dolly was fourth out of twelve children. They lived in a one room log cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

Dolly grew up very poor and her dad was a sharecropper. A sharecropper is a farmer that does not own the land so they have to give half the crops to the owner of the land. That made matters worse because the harshly had enough money to buy food.

Dolly started school at seven years old, that was where she met Judy Ogle. They became best friends for life. Anyway, she went to a public school. Dolly was always being punished, she had found a way to be the class clown. Suddenly, one day the school burned down (it was not because of Dolly) she had to go to another school with richer kids. She hated it, she hated school in general. Her life was tough then, and that was only a quarter of it.

Becoming Famous

At ten years old, Dolly Parton was on the radio and people loved her! A couple years later she tried out for a show “Cas Walker” and got the spot right then and there. She stayed for many years. While on the show she started writing songs and sending them to the “Grand Ol’ Opry”. A couple years later she was asked to join the “Porter Wagoner Show”. Dolly recorded a duet with Porter and it was in the top ten country music recordings. After that her life changed...

Later in Life

Later she met Carl Dean, they got married later. People were finally noticing her! After she published a song she and her now fiancé Carl were forced to get married in private so Dolly wouldn't lose fans. As Dolly got older she got more and more famous. She had to hit albums called Hello, I'm Dolly and Just Because I'm a Women. Her dreams were finally coming true! She even joined the cast of The Grand Ole Opry. Her and Porter did several more duets that were hits. Overall, she thought her dreams were complete but she still has more dreams to come!

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