Harn Museum of Art By: Charles Bryant

Technique of the Artist

Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II entirely captivated my attention the second I saw it from across the room. The piece is so vibrant and chaotic, yet I still find it to have a mellow tone to it. You can see the strokes made by the artist (Yvonne Jacquette) and it still comes across extremely legible. The piece exhibits the busy nature of the city, and maybe that's a bit of what attracted me to the piece. I do wish to live in a major city for a part of my life, and I think this piece spoke to that side of me.

Design of the Museum

The American Abstraction exhibit was by far my favorite area of the museum. I'm a big fan of open layouts, I don't like feeling as if an area is cramped or just packed. Other areas of the museum had multiple walls which destroy the atmosphere in my opinion. Open layouts come across more peaceful in my opinion, it adds a bit of tranquility to the area, so one can truly just take a break to appreciate the art and let the art shine.

Art & Core values

In the Scenographer's Mind we see a mother tending to her child while also working on an architectural piece. This piece in particular spoke to me because I highly value family, and everything I do is to be able to provide for my family in the future. I watched my mother give all she had to take care of my sister and me, and that's something that'll always remain with me. That is why this piece in particular resonates with me, because our mother's/parents make many sacrifices for us, and that all too often goes unnoticed.

Art & the Good Life

These pieces convey the theme of the role of society on the path to the Good Life, in my opinion. These pieces all call into question the views of society, particularly against women. I believe it's essential on the path to the Good Life to challenge society, society won't know what's best for you, only you do. So society shouldn't be the one making decisions for you. I definitely believe women and men should have the same rights and opportunities as there's nothing that makes men superior beings to women. I believe the same applies to people of all races. I know this has gotten a bit more controversial recently, especially with the attacks on Planned Parenthood. The fact we're still having these struggles as a society simply echoes these pieces, and amplifies their message due to the fact they're ongoing.

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