The mysterious woods by David Covington

last summer, me and my friends went on a trip to a mountain range. In the range there was a valley that had a very mysterious forest. We had heard stories of monsters and people disappearing.

When we arrived at our resort, hardly anyone was there. When we entered we noticed that almost everyone was staring at us in a weird manner. To thine own self be true, I was scared and nervous.

After finishing taking out all our luggage, my friends decided to go on a hike.I did not really want to go but I wanted to be with my friends, so I went. As we got on the trail and deeper into the forest, we heard a very loud screech. At first we thought it was some kind of moutain lion so we didn't think it was anything dangerous.

As we kept on walking, the screeching be came louder. Until we saw what was making that noise. It was a young girl who was stuck in a tree. I climbed up the tree to get here done. When I brought her down. she said someone was following her.

When we got back to the resort I brought her back to her parents. Her parents were so happy that I was there to see her. I ask her again what was chasing her and she said It was a man with a hockey mask with a old chainsaw. The next day we decided to leave because we had seen enough. I do still wonder what exactly lives in those mountains.


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