Coyotes BY Trevor


Coyotes don't howl to just howl and they don't howl at the moon they howl to help find each other. the coyotes all so are one of a few animals that vocalizations are commonly heard that yipping. they all so howl to communicate with other coyotes in the area.


Do you know why baby coyote licks their moms your dad's face when they get home? It's because they are trying to get their parents to regurgitate the food that they have caught when they left. it is the same for Dogs too.

Coyote and Wolfs

Coyotes and wolves look a lot alike because they have breeted with each other and their genes have been passed down. the wolf is bigger than the coyote.

natural selection It the survival of the fittest. It's the not the strongest nor for the most intelligent It's the one that can adapt to changes. The one that can survive is the ones that can blend in like polar bears if they are born a different color they are more likely to get killed by another animal.

do you see how the coyote blends in to the back round. if the coyote was the color of the wolf and in the same places.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNEEZrhxQBlYLj57r6ZaDJd_k9e30w&ust=1482347965402001,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNFxD2zHErSngfmI2xGCtfReXif5NA&ust=1482348917374268,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNEVMq89ZzS6PXIaWVYAjrC5sR2-6A&ust=1482348410477209,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNHk-vlcTwts3Q6bPnrTa2l3cCXsOg&ust=1482337747178154

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