Uprising By Muse

The Resistance

2009 | Rock

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“Another promise, another scene, another package lie to keep us trapped in greed. -- With all the green belts wrapped around our minds, and endless red tape to keep the truth confined.”


  • The song hit #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 & #1 on the Alternative Chart.
  • The album reached number one in 19 countries, and reached the top five in the United States and several others.
  • Rick Rubin was hired to produce the album but those tracks were scrapped and the band produced it themselves in the end.


Luke Tatum

For me, Muse peaked with Knights of Cydonia. With that unpopular opinion out in the open, I'd like to say this song is still quite good. My feelings largely echo Sherry's on this one--drumming up the troops and building support for standing against the government is wonderful. It's splendid. Marvelous, even. But it's not as though we just win suddenly. There's a lot of work that still needs to be done, and any kind of sudden populist uprising would almost certainly end with even worse people in charge. "¡Viva la Revolución!" and all that. And sadly, while I can get a great jam and appreciate the libertarian angle from this song, the foundations are a lot of what I would hear from lefties that I have little in common with. "They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down" and "Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in green" are things that, while they MAY be totally legitimate, often end up being the starting point for many a leftist, rather than supporting evidence. "Drug companies wants customers, not cures," and other such things seem to follow immediately from this. Bumper stickers, without substance. I'll take what I can get here, but color me a bit hesitant and even pessimestic about the Muse crowd.

Sherry Voluntary

I love the highly produced and sylized quality of this song, and I happen to adore Blondie, so the nod to them was really nice and well done. It's right up my alley! The message is one I am inclined to like and encourage, and while I'm all about rallying the troops agianst State force and power, I don't think it will be an easy win. If we are gonna change things non-violently then we have to be willing to bide our time and maybe not see the changes we want in our lifetimes. As much as I think force is justified, we always have to ask if it's wise and will it actually accomplish the desired goal of freedom for people to live their lives uninhibited by State power. I am not interested in pyrrich victories, I'm interested in evolution more than revolution. I want people to have a new way of thinking. I want a world where violence is generally abhorred and not seen as a means to political or philosophical ends. You may say I'm a dreamer. Maybe that's true, but I will resist using violence as long as humanly possible. It might be satisfying to win, but once Pandora's Box is opened, you don't know what will result from it. So yes. fight the power, but do it with ideas and words as much as possible.

Nicky P

My favorite song to steal a riff from Blondie. They calling someone? Which of us doesn’t sit around questioning when the appropriate time to take action against the elements subjugating us? Personally I hope it’s a better band than Muse writing the song of the rebellion and leading the charge. I suspect that the chart position of this song would lead me to believe that unfortunately this will be about par for the course. What I find strange is that the spirit of rebellion seems alive and well around me. There’s #resist and other such movements, but they all seem to be flailing wildly and sometimes at the true elements of freedom. It’s almost as if the government schooling has managed to wesponize the spirit of rebellion in on itself. People ferociously demanding their own subjugation. Still, I have hope that as long as the spirit exists, it’s focus can be moved. For my daughters sake I have to believe it.

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Nicky P

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