Jane's Story: Titanic By Mya Mixon

Note: The bolded words are my British/Irish Terms.

March 28, 1912 • London, England

Mum says that in about a fortnight we will be aboard the biggest ship to ever sail across the sea, the one and only Titanic. Father says that it is indestructible and won't sink even if four of the sixteen decks flood. I'm very nervous for this big occasion. What if I do something wrong?

We are traveling to New York to visit my Aunt Mandy, my Uncle Joe and my cousins, Katelyn and Kayden. Although I was nervous, I was actually kind of excited because I'll get to see my cousins. I haven't seen them in over 5 years!

Jane will be seeing the Statue of Liberty when she arrives in New York!

April 1, 1912 London, England

In about nine days the Titanic's maiden voyage will begin. But there is one problem. My father has to go on a work trip in Belfast, UK on April 9th and won't get back until April 12th. That means only my Mum and I will be able to experience the Titanic's opulent ballrooms, rooms, and dining rooms. Father tried to confront me and make me feel better, but I told him to bugger off. I was absolutely gutted. My fun trip to New York had suddenly turned to rubbish.

"Hey Jane, guess what?" Mum asked.

"What, Mum? Please don't tell me you're not coming on the voyage, either." I replied. I was already annoyed that Father wasn't coming.

"Well, actually, we have another person coming with us. Remember your old mate Mary?" She excitedly said. Mary and I have been friends since preschool, but in the 5th Grade her family moved away to the UK in search of a better job. I missed her so much and I have been suffering without her for a whole four years!

"Oh my, Mum! Cheers! I can't believe you're letting this happen!" I exclaimed. I have NEVER been more happy in my life! I was gobsmacked! My trip may in fact be hunky-dory again! After I was thinking, was this dodgy or perfectly legal?

This is Jane (Left) and Mary (Right) as 5th Graders, right before Mary was about to move away.

April 8th, 1912 London, England

"Only two more days until the voyage. Only two more days until the voyage..." I told myself. As we were getting closer to the big day, I was getting more and more nervous. "What if Mary thinks I'm weird? What if she's changed? What if she doesn't like me anymore?" I asked myself. But I guess I shouldn't think like that. I'm sure (Or at least I HOPE) that she misses me as much as I miss her!

Mary and her parents are coming over in less that two hours. Mum and I are preparing a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad. Italian food is Mary's favorite, or at least it used to be. And while I'm talking about it, Mum's spaghetti dinners are always so scrummy!

I hesitated to ask Mum, "What if Mary doesn't remember me? What if she doesn't like me anymore?"

"Jane! Of course Mary will remember you! I remember some of my old friends from grade school!" Mum said. I guess this made me feel a little bit better.

At dinner, Mum and Father were busy talking blah with Mary's parents while Mary and I were talking about how life has been in Belfast and how life has been in London. Mary's parents gave Mum one grand spend in New York and another monkey for the ticket. She said Belfast was alright, but she liked London better. I was barely even paying attention to our conversation, but really, I was focusing on the fact the we were reunited once again. After our long talk, we watched flicks all night long.

April 10, 1912 • Boarding Day • London, England

Mum woke Mary and I up at the crack of dawn. I was knackered after last night's exciting night, so Mum let me sleep in for an extra 10 minutes. She had packed my luggage the night before, and Mary's parents brought her luggage as well. Around 10 AM, we headed out to the Titanic and a young steward put our luggage on the ship.The ship was very ace! Father was right outside of the ship in tears for no reason bugger all. I don't understand why he was so worried, many because this was the first truly unsinkable ship! Or, at least, that's what Mr. Thomas Andrews claims.

This is our luggage! Well... half of it.

Same Day • RMS Titanic

Around noon, we set sail and headed towards New York. Mary and I explored the ship while my Mum was unpacking our luggage and getting ready for dinner.

"I don't recall ever being on a ship this big!" Mary claimed.

"Nor have I," I said. "Last time I was on a ship that was headed to New York, It was only 1/3 the size of this!" I exclaimed. Now that I think about it, the last time Mary came with us to New York we traveled on a ship about 1/2 the size of this boat.

April 14, 1912 • RMS Titanic

Tonight was a life-changing night for us.

Tonight, Mum, Mary, and I were going to dinner with my Mum's old friend, Barry. He was a nutty man- he was a berk and crackers. But that wasn't the life-changing event.

An alert was announced throughout the whole ship saying that we had wrecked into an iceberg and we were sinking. Luckily, Mary and I were able to get off. But Mum wasn't.

To Be Continued...

Mum: Mother • Ace: Awesome • Mate: Friend • Bugger All: Nothing at all • Knackered: Tired or Exausted • Gutted: Devestated or Saddened • Gobsmacked: Shocked or surprised • Cheers: Thank You • Fortnight: A group of two weeks • Dodgy: Wrong or Illegal • Scrummy: Delicious • Rubbish: Trash • Hunky-Dory: Okay or Fine • Berk: Idiot or rude person • Blah: Boring talk • Bugger Off: Go away • Crackers: Insane • Flicks: Films or movies • Grand: £1000 • Monkey: £500 • Nutty: Crazy or Insane


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