Fantastic Fridays #ALLIN - ALLYEAR

Thanks For a Great Year! Happy Holidays

Time for Rejoicing

You made it, and I am proud of you. Now is the time to try and relax and remember the reason for the season. Christmas and the beginning of a New Year are always refreshing. This week, as I reflected on what to write, my mind went everywhere. This district and Holiday is heavy on my heart.

We know this is the time of year to celebrate, make New Year's resolutions, and spend time with family. There is so much to be thankful for, yet some don't look forward to this time of year because the holiday stirs emotions that have not surfaced for some time. What is it about this time of year that brings warmth, love, and care, while also sadness?

A wise man once wrote something prophetic giving hope and assurance to people all around the world. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways." These words, have given many solace and comfort over the years and still do today.

So, Dr. Wallis, why the picture of a sunrise over the mountains? What does that have to do with the holiday season? Well, it is a reminder each day we get a new beginning, and that life resembles mountain ranges with many peaks and valleys. There may be experiencing difficulties, hence the valleys while others are climbing their way to the summit and a time of celebration.

While in a valley and hard times, it is difficult to remember the beauty of the landscape when we are on the peak. How easy we forget the blessings life bestows upon us while temporarily in a valley. Yes the peak is small, and the valley is vast, but we build character and strength through difficulties. We illustrate, to others, how to battle our way to the summit again. You are an example for our students.

Remember the real reason for the season keeping your mind and energy on things noble, right, pure, admirable, pleasing and praiseworthy. Stay focused on the positive and why we celebrate this time of year and how you will begin 2019. Realize that the quote above gives assurance we have someone supporting us in life's journey and as we climb the mountain. The peak is not that far, and you have been there before, you will be again.

As you begin your Holiday, cherish great memories from years past, watch each sunrise knowing it is the beginning of a new day, spend time with family creating lasting memories that will last a lifetime. It is not the presents that our loved ones remember, it is the time, words and actions over the years that make a difference. In closing, know you are a blessing, loved, valued, and prayed over daily. May this Holiday season be one of joy, love, and fond memories. Each of you has proven to be #ALLIN, #ALLYEAR. Thank you for saying "yes" and, as always, remember what is important in life — Merry Christmas to you all.

Naughty or Nice - you decide.

I have talked to Santa about this group, but I have no idea what he is going to put in their stockings. Let's all say a prayer for them. LOL we love you ladies.

Watch out Santa You may Have Competition

The GT students at the KES designed and created their own video games. These students are the future of Apple and Google. We have some smart kiddos.

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