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Over 5 years our 3 commitments- Educational Equity, Collective Action, and Personal Transformation have guided us in our transformational journey of collectively reaching children in every corner of the country. Today, TFIx incubated Entrepreneurs are running 23 Fellowships in India. As we transition into Phase 4 with Teach For India, it's time to envision our next decade together. We are evolving the TFIx program to provide increased support to 100 Education Entrepreneurs that we envision reaching through the upcoming decade. Our vision is towards building an India free of poverty and filled with love. Hence, we have categorized our 3 commitments falling under the larger umbrella of Leading Self, Others, and India.

Leading Self

We’ll work towards finding the puzzle piece of our choice. We’ll take steps to discover who we’re, cultivate belief in ourselves, find our purpose, and master our learning goals.

3 months into Incubation! #Learnings from Quarter 1

Souvik Saha, Founder, People for Change is our Entrepreneur from Jharkhand. He is working towards enabling a social and personal transformation of the Youth through education. This is being explored through self-exploration for a sustainable and collective future. He shares his experience of Incubation and key learnings from 3 months.

Learning the Art of Articulation: Perfecting your Pitch

In order to successfully launch a Fellowship model and secure donor funding for their initiatives, it’s important for our Entrepreneurs to pitch a strong narrative of their work. Throughout the incubation period, our Entrepreneurs get multiple opportunities to present their Fellowship model to experienced mentors in the sector and develop their narratives to be stronger and more impactful.

This time during the first Learning Circle, Aakanksha Gulati, CPO, Teach For India, Mansi Joshi, City Director, Delhi, and Vignesh Krishnan, City Director, Hyderabad joined us to facilitate a space for our Entrepreneurs to guide them on boldly presenting their work.

The team gave mock pitch-presentations and fostered our idea of excellence.

As we move into Phase 4, extending the post-incubation support to our community, we also invited some of our previously incubated Ed-Entrepreneurs to the space. Meghna Chawla, Founder, Foster & Forge is our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2018 cohort. In the video below she shares her experience and key learning from the session.

Who am I as a Leader? - Mapping our Entrepreneurs’ growth on the ECM

A core to our program is to build our Entrepreneurs as reflective practitioners by building their skills to realistically self-evaluate. We do this by providing them with the Entrepreneur Competency Mapping Scale (ECM) - a rubric to measure their progress on their incubation journey.

Santosh Phad, Founder, ThinkSharp Foundation is our Entrepreneur from Maharashtra. He is working towards improving the quality of education in rural government schools in 10 districts of Maharashtra by giving access to better educational infrastructure and resources. He reflects on his 3-month journey with TFIx to share his growth as a Leader on the ECM.

Leadership India Needs - An Inspiring Story of Local-Leadership

‘Leadership India Needs’ is an initiative to document stories of leadership, resilience, and transformation emerging from various Fellowship Programs run by TFIx Entrepreneurs. We got a chance to interact with these Fellows across the country to understand their journey, challenges, and achievements.

Here is a short video from our conversation with Anjali Sarmah, a Fellow of the Bhumi Fellowship (Bhumi was incubated by TFIx in 2020). Anjali works with a vision to create an enabling learning environment for the teachers and students and foster trusting relationships between all of its stakeholders to achieve holistic education for her children.

Leading Others

We’ll accelerate the learning of others to unleash their potential. We will operate with love and belief in others, value diversity, and cherish our common humanity.

Entrepreneur Site Visits

To restructure an organization to be able to launch a Fellowship program is a big decision. Our Incubation Program allows our Entrepreneurs to access experienced mentors to develop the relevant knowledge, skills, and mindsets for the same. These are our Program Partners- developers, connectors, and managers at TFIx, who enable our Entrepreneurs to wear different hats at different points of time to bring out the best in them and their teams.

Radhika Gulati, our Program Partner got a chance to visit her Entrepreneurs’ sites in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. She shares her takeaways from on-ground visits.

Virtual City Visit: Teach For India, Mumbai

To deepen their understanding of vision-action alignment, organizational structures, and ecosystem of support required to run a successful Fellowship program, we partnered with Teach For India, Mumbai to create a virtual learning experience for our 2021 Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs observed Teach For India Virtual Classes and Program Manager - Fellow debrief. They were also part of an informative Panel Discussion with Aditya Mallya, City Director and the City Operations Team of Teach For India, Mumbai.

They joined us to share about their work, challenges, and learnings in developing their Fellows into becoming leaders advocating Ed-equity. The team also gave their insights on creating a powerful culture and nurturing purposeful teams to go a long way in developing contextual teaching Fellowships across India.
Ashita Nath, Co-Founder, The Good Harvest School is our Entrepreneur from Uttar Pradesh. She is working towards providing high-quality education to rural girls focused on holistic development. She tells about the bright spots from TFI Fellowship that she would like to replicate in her program to lead others in her community.

Networking Mela

During Learning Circle 1 we explored healthy collaborations with our external partners Dream A Dream, ApniShala, Simple Education Foundation (SEF) & Saturday Art Class. These 4 organizations with their vast experience in the Education sector joined us to present their Student & Fellow Curriculum and interact with our Entrepreneurs to accelerate their learning.

Shrutika Silswal, Program Lead at SEF talks about her highlights from the session and how spaces like these multiply and deepen the impact of collective.

Blog Post: Sustainable Change Through Local Leadership

In her quest for individuals and leaders working towards empowering their communities, Neha Rathi, our Program Partner has put together this beautiful photo essay covering powerful stories of what grass-root leadership can look like across various geographies and contexts. In the blog, she captures the essence of how TFIx is creating a movement of leaders at all levels (Students, Youth, and Entrepreneurs), which is of the locals, by the locals, and for the locals towards reducing the gap of Ed-inequity.

Leading India

We’ll work in Partnership for a better India. We will understand inequity and its root causes, discover the truth of the world, live in harmony with the environment around us, and envision and create solutions for a better India.

Leadership Forum: Entrepreneur Panel on Sustainable Leadership

The question of Sustainability becomes significant and challenging in a world where our communities are recovering from Covid-19. We invited our Entrepreneur Partners who we believe have shown a lot of grit and resilience to understand from them how they managed themselves and their organizations sustain through these times.

Heartfelt gratitude to Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Executive Director, Bhumi (Entrepreneur Partner from the 2020 Cohort), Divakar Sankhla, Founder-Alohomora Education, and Ravi Dhanuka, Founder - i-Saksham Education and Learning Foundation (Entrepreneur Partners from the 2017 Cohort) for being part of the panel and sharing their learnings with us.

Fellows - Our Equal Partners in building a movement

Robert Thangkhal is an extremely passionate and driven educator who believes in the power of collective and community. Robert is a Teach for North East Fellow from Recognise Rise and Empower Association (incubated by TFIx in 2019). In the video below, he shares how he invested the entire community in ensuring continuous learning for his students.

“In building a movement such as Teach for North-East everyone who is part of it becomes the owner. As a Fellow, I have to take ownership of my learning and development, engage in pieces of training, and design a holistic curriculum to engage all stakeholders to become equal partners and play their significant role in achieving the movement’s vision and goal.”

Exploring the Power of Collective- Regional Hubs

The problem of Inequity in Education cannot be solved by one person or an organization alone. To bring a systemic change, there is a need to work as one Collective.

Keeping this purpose at the center, recently a seed has been planted for the 'Maharashtra Collective'. Different Entrepreneurs and Educators from diverse work backgrounds came together with a simple idea to connect, discuss the Education problems in Maharashtra, and define a common outcome together for this collective. After three spaces, we are already seeing shreds of evidence of cross-learning between different organizations as a result of these calls. Through relevant conversations and significant collaborations, our hope is to be able to define the impact the group ideally envisions happening as a part of this collective.
Bihar Development Collective (BDC) is formed by a group of organizations from the Development sector in Bihar. It comprises people working towards education, women empowerment, livelihood agriculture, etc. There was a recent BDC meet that happened in Patna. It was a space full of learning, knowledge, ideas, and sharing by 20+ organizations from the development sector in Bihar. It was a full-day event where the group deep-dived into the SWOT for BDC, sharing ideas building on BDC strengths and opportunities that exist. They also came up with a concrete plan for the next 3 months to 1 year.


Our Entrepreneur's work gets Published!

Michael Babu Raj, Technical officer, Sneha Charitable Trust is our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2020 Cohort. He works towards providing comprehensive and holistic healthcare and education to HIV-infected and affected children in Karnataka. Read more about how his organization’s two-year I’MPossible Fellowship is addressing their needs for education, health, psycho-social support, and vocational training in this article published by The Bastion. The article is written by Divya Dhingra, our Communications and Marketing Associate, and covers accounts of Michael, his Fellow and Fellow Mentor’s journey of grit and perseverance.

Recruitment Webinar 1 - Deepen your TFIx understanding

Teach For India is transitioning into Phase 4 and so is TFIx. We are working towards bringing 50,000 leaders together to collectively work and reach the last child. We are on the lookout for our Cohort of 2022. Through our first webinar on October 8, 2021, we attempted to deepen our audience's understanding of TFIx and the support we provide by hearing our TFIx Entrepreneurs share their journeys.

Watch this video to know more about our program!

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