Ever since I was a little girl I always had a strong love for dogs, especially my own. Before I was born my parents adopted Henry, a Jack-Russel Terrier who was my best friend for the first 6 years of my life, until he snapped and bit me in the face. It was an early September morning, my dad was at work, my mom was in the shower and my brother Owen and I were waiting for our babysitter to pick us up for school. Henry was curled up on the sofa next to me. I started putting my arms around Henry, I always loved giving him hugs. With not hearing the snarling coming from him and my face up against his, next thing I knew, he was on top of me. He went for the middle of my face, right above my lip and into my nose. Next thing I knew was that I was on my way to Overlook Hospital where I received 20 stitches along my lip and inside my nose.

After putting the stitches in my face, I was sent home after that, in shock that this all happened over something I loved so dearly. I knew my family loved him just as much as me, especially my dad. The one thing I always look back on is I wonder what I thought when we had to put Henry down, since I loved him so much.

Exactly almost 10 years after that, my family and I rescued a half-lab half boarder collie mix named Molly, and the best thing to ever happen to my family and I. Words cannot even explain how much love my "fuzz".

Today she is a 6-year old happy dog who would do anything to go on a walk. My fear of getting bit again comes and goes especially with dogs I don't know. If i'm annoying Molly or hugging her too hard, she will try to nip me which I get scared of, but thats just who I am as a person. With other dogs, I seem to get more scared and worried if they are aggressive. Overcoming this fear of something I love much was easy and scary at the same time.

Fear is a unpleasant feeling that most of us experience in our life time. The movie we discussed in class, "The Fisher King" is about a character, Jack Lucas meets a homeless man named Parry, whose wife was killed by Lucas. Parry is mentally scarred by the loss of his wife that results him of his own fear that only he can see. During the film, Parry sees the Red Knight and runs screaming into the night when the fear he has sees him.

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