Hootsuite Certification Reflection By: Amanda Ferrill

Recently, I was certified in Hootsuite. During the certification process, I learned so much about the program and benefits it can have for me. I learned how to schedule posts as well as schedule a bulk upload which can be extremely important for someone who is running a business’s social media. Something else that I learned during this process is that you actually create and run contests on there which is a great way to get your social media audience engaged. The best part about it all is that there is a mobile app where you can do a lot of things that you can do on a desktop version.

My favorite topic and lesson of the entire certification process was when we learned about how to engage with your audience. This includes learning how to do contests but also using geo-search to find new people to engage with. This was very interesting to learn about because I did not know something like this was even possible. If you have a business, or even for personal use, this tool could help you find people that are talking about things you are interested in or want to get involved in.

Overall, I would say the whole program was very beneficial. It not only taught me about Hootsuite but also things that I consider without having access to Hootsuite. I gave me a lot of tips about posting and what I should post and how to find the right audience to post content for. I liked that it taught me about every aspect of Hootsuite and went into great detail so I would be able to do it for myself when I needed to. I would greatly recommend this program to other classes and students as well as people who are active on social media and have a business.

Everything I learned about this program was great information to succeed in social media. Like I said before, they gave tips in the program about posting and content that you do not even need Hootsuite for, although it would be very helpful.

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