Virginia colony Founded-1607 Brayden terrell

John Smith

John Smith founded the Virginia Colony in the year of 1607. John Smith was the leader of Jamestown, but later founded the Virginia Colony,unfortunately he was shot and sent back to England.

Virginia Colony wad not dominated by one religion, mostly Baptists and Anglicans.

The Anglican Church was the Church of England, many Anglicans were whites looking for religious freedom. This was the main church of the Virginia Colony.

The Baptists were looking for religious freedom and started following Baptism and became one of the big religions in Virginia Colony.

The geography of Virginia Colony is mountains,valleys,and coastal plains.

The climate is warm which made it able to grow crops all year.

The economy of the Virginia Colony was pretty good because they sold crops for profit and maybe sold some slaves.

The jobs in this colony were mainly farm jobs unless you lived in the big city.

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