Zodiac•Axis Media Kit

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Studio Theophilus (based in Orange County, USA)
  • Publisher: Studio Theophilus
  • Release Date: est. 2019
  • Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel
  • Price: est. $30
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux



Zodiac•Axis is a visual novel that blends suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired fantasy elements using charming characters and a lush worldlore.

You play as Alison Hart, a fresh-out-of-college journalism graduate who applies to an infamous online tabloid that specializes in tinfoil hat conspiracies. At first, you're not worried—even when you're assigned to investigate six people who are rumored to carry the Spirits of the Zodiacs. It's just a nonsensical tabloid job. Right?

  • Make a myriad of entertaining choices and change the flow of the game
  • Find romance or death, sometimes simultaneously
  • Explore a beautiful Asian-inspired worldlore





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