Andrew Carnegie Captain of industry

Captain of Industry

Andrew Carnegie was a business mogul in the steel industry and became one of the men who shaped America. He built the world's largest steel industry where he became rich and led a successful life.

1. Carnegie is a Captain of Industry because he drove his competitors out of business by increasing his selling prices at the mills, and at the same time lowed production costs by using vertical integration. In a matter of 3 years, from 1875 to 1877, he had dropped his production costs by around $15.

2. Andrew Carnegie can also be considered a Captain of Industry, because he paid his workers more money then the daily average wage of workers in other jobs. At the time workers were making an average of $1.46 in all industries and he was paying his workers $1.81 which is 35 cents above the average.

3. By giving away money towards charity, Carnegie proved that he was a true Captain of Industry. Carnegie gave away thousands towards various charities that he supported and also gave away libraries.

Let's Jump to the Modern Day to learn about a current Robber Baron Heather Bresch, CEO of EpiPen

1. Heather Bresch has raised the price of the EpiPen from $94 in 2007 upwards to more than $600 (for a two pack) today. Some families can't afford this high price and all insurances don't cover it.

2. Bresch's pay has risen 600% since 2007 and is constantly profiting from this high stake in prices. She is taking advantage of these families because she has enough money to last her a lifetime and some children with severe allergies can't even afford the thing they need to survive.

3. Bresch is a Robber Baron because she was involved in investigation in 2008 where West Virginia University stripped her of an MBA that she claimed she earned, before completing the full amount of credits. This proves she is a Robber Baron because she was involved in legal issues for falsely stating information and not being truthful.


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