Your Novel The Author

This page contains directions for this final project over your novel.

You are going to create a unique page representing certain areas of your novel.

One part with address themes and how they are connected in the book.

Another part will address Gothic Elements in the novels, backed up with specific textual evidence.

The last part has you responding to an AP Open Essay like prompt. Simply outline the essay. You do not have to write it.

Add Pictures! Make the Page Visually Stunning! Like your novel is the coolest thing ever and everyone must know about it!
Separate each section with the appropriate quote from the packet.

Part 1: Choose four major chapters from your novel. Answer this question: How are plot, character, and theme related in these chapters? Insightful reflection and analysis IS A MUST. BE SPECIFIC. Prove to me you have read and you have understood what is going on.

Add a 2-4 minute video that talks me through your observations from the theme chart. Include pics of the charts. I don't have to see you. But, I should hear everyone in the group. What do you notice? Why do certain themes show up where they do? What does this chart tell you about the novel?

Part 2: Using the document of Gothic elements, identify 10 major examples from the novel that either supports the idea the novel is truly Gothic or explains how it is not a Gothic novel.

Part 3: Respond to the prompt on the board. Remember, you are just outlining it. Give the thesis. Give what support you would use in each paragraph and a quick statement on how the examples connect to the thematic idea your have in your thesis.

Make sure everyone's name is on it.


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