Florida Museum of Natural History Nature is Great

All pictures were taken by me at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Fossils exhibit at the FLMNH

The fossil exhibit at the FLMNH was very interesting because it was not set up like a normal fossil exhibit. The curators set up "scenes" that each set of bones played a part in. They weren't kept separate in cold, impersonal glass cases, they interacted and created an idea of how they may have acted while they were still alive. The majority of the Bones were in the middle of the room surrounded by a waist high railing that contained information about each fossil as well as a metal sculpture of the animals these bones belonged to. As a visual learner I really appreciated all of the elements that went into creating this full and dynamic scene from stationary bones. I learned about the bones, how the animals interacted, the forms and textures of the animals, as well as important facts about each that gave me a fuller understanding then I had from previous visits to other museums.

Butterfly Rainforest at the FLMNH

The Butterfly Rainforest immerses you into the vibrant and bustling ecosystem of butterflies, fish, birds, lizards, and squirrels, as well as the many plants that each of these animals uses to live, eat and reproduce. I was able to see into a true ecosystem and understand the beauty and complexities of nature and the many ecosystems that make up the natural world. This experience gave me an appreciation of nature and knowledge of both the micro- and macroscopic happenings of a butterfly rainforest. ( By the way I am terrified of butterflies and almost had a panic attack while in there.)

Small Fish viewpoint, FLMNH

I really liked this exhibit because it presented the information at a different scale and from a different perspective. It put you in the place of one of the many organisms that inhabit waterways. It thrust you into seeing nature from a different perspective and on that large scale I was able to appreciate the diverse and vibrant ecosystems around us. It started conversations among the viewers and raised questions I had never thought of before.

Some quotes from a wall of quotes that I really enjoyed

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