Floratine Field Notes Australian summer a brutal test

The summer of 2016 - 2017 (December -February) in Australia was a brutal test for Australian Golf Course Superintendents

Mark Williams from Richmond Golf Course in the western suburbs of Sydney can attest as many golf courses in the region suffered turf loss. Mark shares his story on how he and his team excelled even under the toughest conditions

January and February temps averaged highs over 33 degrees C (90 degrees F). Feb.11 the temp topped out at 47 C (116 F)
"At this stage of summer we were using 100% recycled water as all of our storm water harvesting dams had run out of water. We were irrigating our greens (bent / poa mix) 20 min each sprinkler head , fairways (kikuyu / couch mix) and tees (mix of couch and kikuyu) each 30 minutes."
Very heavy rains throughout, with total rainfall in March alone exceeding 286.8 mm (over 11 inches)
"Fungicide apps at the start of February every 7 days.... Insecticide apps were every 7-14 days throughout summer because stem weevil was so high all summer... We had two shifts starting at 4:30 a.m. and ending at 9:00 p.m. hand watering greens.
Great density and color three weeks after renovation / aeration
"Liquid fertilizer apps were every 7-14 days. Week 1 Astron, .50 Cal, PK Fight, Floradox Pro, Renaissance, & Knife Plus.... Week 2 mix was 13.6 kg (30 lbs) TriCal, 20 kg (44 lbs) Quad K, and 2.8 kg (6 pounds) Defense Man watered in for 5 minutes and watered for 20 minutes overnight."
Healthy turf after a brutal summer
"Cut greens at 3 mm (1/10th inch) with Toro 3250-D five to six days per week over summer period and only did victory three to four times per week... we didn't roll the greens at all - this helps alot."
Core taken the day aeration scheduled to start after summer beat down. Nice looking roots pushing to approximately 100 mm ( 4 inches)

As summer finally ended, Mark was able to start renos (aeration) in March with 5/8 inch hollow tines.. but not without more challenges!

"G'day Simon and Paul take a look at my greens they're in great shape. No granular fert at renos (aeration) only top dress... had 150 mm (6 inches) of rain that week. March 14-16 way too wet for granular fert. Back cutting at 3 mm ( 1/10th inch) as of tomorrow. Two apps of Per4Max, PK Fight, Carbon N3, .50 CAL, Floradox Pro and Renaissance. First app March 23 and second app April 4. Great work Simon, Turfcare NSW and Paul, Floratine. Cheers, Mark Richmond Golf Club." P.S.- "Floratine has the best liquid fert range of any company and that's what helped and made life easier for us to get through the summer from hell."
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