Well, that's not Nice By Brittany George

Children are being bullied in school, leaving them feeling broken..

.. and alone.

Teachers tend to wait for the bullying to stop rather then act immediatly. In a childs mind this could register as "no one is willing to help me" leaving the child feeling hopeless.

Luckily there is a way to help students who are being bullied. The administration at Lovettsville Elementary should adjust their policies so that the teachers act immediatly to cases of bullying.

If teachers acted immediatly to cases of bullying, then this will show the children that they are not alone and that people are willing to help them.

This growing relationship will be a model for all students, giving any students who are being bullied hope!

Bullying is the number one reason for child suicide. Reliable Relationships between students and teachers, will reduce bullying which will utlimatly stop child suicide.


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