Phobias By: ian smith

Fear Of Spiders- Arachnophobia

Phobia comes in many different types, but Phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to compelling desire to avoid it.

Fear Of Dogs- Cynophobia

There are many characteristics of having a phobia, They can be split into two categories avoidance and panic. Some Emotional characteristics are excessive and unreasonable fear, anxiety, and panic. Cognitive characteristics are selective attention and irrational beliefs.

Fear Of Snakes- Ophidiophobia

Phobias can be caused by stressful and uncomfortable situations in your childhood, teenage, and young adult years that can plant a seed in your mind, which can develop into a phobia depending your experience

The Fear Of Thunder And Lightening- Astraphobia

Phobias affect people most in there childhood, teenage, young adult years. It is very uncommon to develop a phobia after the ages between 30-35. Scientist think this is because it is an ancient survival instinct.

The Fear Of Flying- Pteromerhanophobia

To prevent getting a phobia you should get help for anxiety, keep a journal, prioritize issues in your life, avoid unhealthy substances, and avoid eating or drinking two much caffeine

The Fear Of Death Or Dead Things- Necrophobia


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