February 2021 EDITION

Renee & Grant Alvernaz, Laurie & Douglas Moore


Dear OCC Members,

As we approach March of 2021 the course drainage is looking good due to the completion of the major irrigation project and it's great to see the scars from the work are mending nicely. More good news for our golfers, we are very excited to have major greens aerification take place in the coming weeks. This will help keep our greens healthy over a 3-5 year time period.

As you may know by now, we have new rules and protocols for both our tennis and swimming programs. If you missed our emails, please take the time to reach out to the department head for clarification or review the membership communications on the homepage of the app.

We are very enthused as we get closer to full food and beverage service which we hope to accomplish in the month of March. We are at the mercy of what the Contra Costa County deems healthy and safe for members and staff alike.

On February 27, 2021, we were thrilled to host the very first wedding on our new Oakhurst Vista Wedding Venue with the marital vows of Mr. and Mrs. Bjorndal. The bride was stunning and the event was a bright and shiny moment for staff and guests alike. This new event site will serve our community well in the years to come. Remember to include Oakhurst in your planning as we all look forward to gathering once again with family and friends for parties, reunions, weddings, retirement, and milestone birthdays. You can work with Myra Espinosa to book the site.

Our new PT, Bernard Go, and his team, have been very well received by the Oakhurst members. If you have not already taken advantage of his services in the Fitness Center, please visit the home page of the app and view details. He has free assessments that he will offer to all members and then follow up with more physical therapy, massages, and even some golf swing simulation opportunities. Invest in your health!

Let me thank you again for all your patience and long suffering in regards to this pandemic. We are enthused as always to continue to bring oakhurst into its fullest potential.

All the best.

Douglas Moore & Grant Alvernaz, Co-owners


We would like to express gratitude for your good character and kindness towards staff and fellow members. Membership at a Country Club necessitates integration within a community, and we thank you for ensuring Oakhurst is represented with integrity and kindness. We are committed to the membership experience.


March 3 OWGC First day of season 9:00 AM start

March 13 Stableford Format ABCD Blind Draw MGC

March 15-18 Green Aerification Hollow Tine

March 14-24 March Madness Bar Specials on Drinks

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Special

March 27 Pre-Season Kick-Off Tournament at Oakhurst SRGC


President Rich Villalobos, VP Steve Howard, Secretary Bobby Fuller, Member at Large Charlie Rogers

The most frequently asked questions I get from members are: How many members do we have? What's new on the Advisory Board? Did you find your USC towel? On the third Tuesday of every month, the Member Advisory Board meets with Oakhurst Owners and CourseCo Management to address matters pertaining to membership, infrastructure conditions, food and beverage, member etiquette, tennis, swimming , the men's and women's club, and communications on policy matters. You would think with all the County Heath Department restrictions there would be very little to talk about. The irony is that the opposite is true because the restrictions are so fluid, i.e., purple, red, orange, yellow guidelines. I want to encourage you to read the Member Advisory Board minutes. They are available at your fingertips on the ForeTees app, the Oakhurst website, and the bulletin board on your way to the restroom. Also know that we are very open to constructive feedback. Just know that the minutes are one month behind schedule because, for example, we can't approve February's minutes until our meeting in March.

Be safe my friends, patience is a virtue.

Rich Villalobos, Advisory Board President



Dawn Shadek, Shirley Rossi, Mary Gebhardt, Christine Anderson, Ed Massey

We anticipate events coming back this year, but they aren’t going to be here as soon as we had hoped. We were all excited to talk about what we can do sooner than later as we ease into lesser restrictions. I do have to say, having the patio open for food and drink service is so nice! Since golf is one of the biggest parts of the club life let’s talk a little about golf course etiquette, and here are four of the easiest things you can do to keep the course playable for all of us.

  1. The first is to fill your divots (and others) with sand from a sand bottle. From Paula, do not simply replace the divot. She said to toss the divot off to an area away from where it was made because 90% of the time…it won’t grow back.
  2. Secondly, repair your ball mark, and another when you are on the green. Here is a video on how to correctly repair a ball mark.
  3. The third thing you can do is, remove your golf tee off of the tee-box. Damage can be done to the tee-box and the mowers.
  4. Lastly, if you go into the bunker please go in and out from a lower side, and “rake” your footprints with your foot.

There will be more “Care for the course” afternoons coming. It’s a great way to have fun on the golf course without playing it, and to meet other members. If this sounds too good to be true, come out and see why I say this.

Stay healthy everyone!

Christine Anderson, President of Ambassador's Committee


Last month we tackled Temporary Water, but there are three other defined conditions that make up an “Abnormal Course Condition”, in which free relief is available.

Animal Hole, is one that is made by any living member of the animal kingdom (other than humans), including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates (such as worms, insects, spiders and crustaceans).

Ground Under Repair (GUR), is any part of the course the Committee (or ProShop in non-tournament play) defines to be ground under repair (whether by marking it or otherwise). The edge of ground under repair should be defined by stakes, lines or physical features.

Immovable Obstruction, is any obstruction that cannot be moved without unreasonable effort or without damaging the obstruction or the course, and does not meet the definition of a movable obstruction.

For more information on these abnormalities, you can find them under Rule 16.1.

Happy playing!

NCGA Rules Official, Christine Anderson

PGA Head pro


NEW Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 6:30am – 5:00pm


Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 6:30am – 5:00pm


Oakhurst Country Club is proud to announce a Junior Golf Academy opportunity for members of Oakhurst Country Club! An orientation and assessment will be held on March 21st, 2021 for the Junior Golfers to get acquainted with PGA Head Pro, Paula Olsen, who will be assessing the future golf professionals. Once assessments are complete, Junior Golf Academy will commence April 5, 2021 and end April 30, 2021. Details like how to sign up, prices, dates, times, and locations, will come very soon in an email communication to memberships - also available on the homepage of the app.


Michael Chapman

Congratulations to long-time member of Oakhurst Country Club, Michael Chapman (pictured left). Michael got his 6TH HOLE IN ONE of his 64-year-long golf career on February 13th, 2021 at Oakhurst Golf Course in Clayton, Ca. Using his Callaway 6 iron and FootJoy glove, Michael hit the ball 126 yards to the 13th hole. Witnesses, Bob Bucey and Dave Erbez, formally authenticated the Hole In One. Congratulations Michael!!


How the insurance works:

Only adult golfers are eligible. Participants are signed up for free. At the beginning of every year, the insurance renews, and each participant is charged $4, which goes towards a celebratory dinner party at the end of the year for the lucky - err, I mean skilled - golfers who got Hole-in-Ones. Throughout the year, $1 is charged to each participant every time someone with the insurance gets a Hole-in-One during a round at the Oakhurst CC Golf Course. There are currently about 400 participants.

Hole-in-One tradition dictates that the scorer (after their round) treat all club patrons seated at the bar to a celebratory drink. As a part of this tradition, the club offers “Hole-in-One Insurance” which pays for this bar tab if you opt in. There is a $100 cap - anything over $100 is the responsibility of the scorer if they so choose. After the $100 payment for the bar bill, the amount left over in the pool goes to the Hole-in-One scorer as a credit to the Golf Shop or Oakhurst Membership Account. Currently this credit is approximately $300 after the bar tab.

For a valid Hole-in-One to be recorded, the scorer must have two witnesses. Ask the Pro Shop staff for the Hole-in-One form after your round. Once you fill out this questionnaire, we will use the info to collect funds for the bar tab & payout, congratulate you on Social Media, & mention your Hole-in-One details in the Newsletter. Your name will be recorded for an invitation to the dinner at the end of the year.

Every dollar in the insurance collected will go to the lucky golfers. If you change your mind about participating in this program in the future, please contact memberships at any time for any reason. To get insured, call the membership office or ask the pro shop.



We were ABLE to schedule a Drill & Fill for our preferred Spring aeration date of March 15, 16, & 17. This is a big step towards improving the overall health of the greens and preventing the seasonal diseases we have experienced over the past years. Check out the photos/videos of the process from another course that recently had this done. Keep an eye out for the next Care For The Course date!


A huge thank you goes out to all the dedicated members who participated in Care for the Course event on February 12th, 2021. Club Owners and Management Team enjoyed working side by side with our members to lay seed and aerificate the golf course. Those who participated have taken it upon themselves to ensure our course gets the love and attention it needs to thrive. If you missed out on this one, keep an eye out for sign ups at the pro shop, the next Care for the Course event will be here before you know it!! We had an amazing turnout. Thank you for your support and participation!


The Ladies play every Wednesday morning, tee times between 9:00 and 9:50 AM. If you are interested in joining our golf group, please get an application from our Head Pro Paula Olsen

The Oakhurst Ladies’ Golf Club kicked off their season on Wednesday, March 3rd, with a best ball format. We had a record turnout of 24 ladies! Following golf, Trophies and Special Awards were presented to the 2020 winners.

Congratulations goes to Linda Mullen-Club Champion, Cindy Wilson-Captain’s Trophy, Jennifer Wright-Low Putts, Sara Yu- Most Birdies for the season and WGANC Tournament Winner, low gross, Karen Bucey-WGANC Tournament Winner-low net, and, Most Improved-Annette Bernat. Captain’s Choice awards went to Lonita Villalobos and Sue Martin.

Gayle Duncan OWGC Captain 2021


The Men's Club play one Saturday every month, plus events and tournaments throughout the year. If you are interested please reach out directly to Michael Han at michaelmichaelhan@yahoo.com and Bobby Fuller at bobby.m.fuller@gmail.com

The Oakhurst Men’s Club tournament schedule is in full swing. Coming up on March 13th is our ABCD Blind Draw Stableford tournament that already has 90 players signed up. Entry deadline is 5:00pm March 5th.

In April we have two tournaments, both NCGA qualifying events where the winners get to go on and represent Oakhurst on a regional level. April 10th, the NCGA Senior two-man better ball net tournament and on April 24th is the NCGA Individual net tournament where the TOP THREE finishers move on to compete regionally.

This is not all that is going right now, Oakhurst Men’s Club has signed up again to have a Thursday and Saturday interclub match play teams. This is a great opportunity to get your competitive juices flowing and play home and away matches against other local private country club. If you are interested please reach out directly to Michael Han - the Captain of the Thursday Match Play Team - and Bobby Fuller - the Captain of the Saturday Match Play Team.

Another reminder that due to Covid we have rescheduled our annual Member-Guest to September 9-11 so we can have more of the group atmosphere event we all miss. Our website has the schedule of tournaments on it www.Oakhurstmensclub.com and if you have any questions please email info@oakhurstmensclub.com

Drew Hagen, Men's Club President

Senior's golf club

The Seniors Club are an events based club whose next event is this Saturday, tee times between 10am and 12pm. If you are interested in joining our golf group, please get an application from our Head Pro Paula Olsen - Tom Marshall & Steve Larragueta, Seniors Club Co-Presidents

Senior Skins

The Senior Skins play every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, tee times between 8:20 AM & 9:20 AM. If you are interested in joining our golf group, please get an application from our Head Pro Paula Olsen.

The Senior Skins was started shortly after the club open. Since the inception over $21000 has been raised. A big thank to our Senior Skins players for their thoughtfulness & Oakhurst for there support of our annual event. Bob Lee Skins Tour Final tally from the John Muir Foundation indicates that we raised $5560.00 from our December tourney. Total dollars raised to date $21150.00. Big thank you to our donors, sponsors & players for their generous support.

Al Sardelich, Captain Senior Skins

View from the Bistro Outdoor Patio at Sunset


... & DRINKING ;)

We LOVE Ed Massey & Brad Shannon - Bistro & Golf Regulars at OCC


Friday - Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Our favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch. We call it lunch...

...but seriously, we are working towards opening up for longer hours and more days of the week. We are paying close attention to how busy the restaurant is. If the demand is there, we will open up sooner.


Take up tennis at Oakhurst Country Club with a gorgeous view of Mt. Diablo in Clayton Ca. Get your first lesson free with purchase of a membership with our USTA Head Pro, email jacobortega925@gmail.com

Junior Clinics

Ongoing Junior Clinics with Coach Jake and Rick are Monday through Thursday.

  • Pre K - 1st grade 2:30pm - 3:00pm
  • 2nd grade - 6th 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • 7th grade & up 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Oakhurst is looking forward to hosting doubles tournaments starting April 9th for our 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 adult tennis players. Each tournament will have a backdraw which guarantees two matches per team. Players without a partner will be randomly paired up by Coach Jake. Teams/players must be registered in the pro shop before April 7th.

Jacob Ortega, USTA Head Pro

Get Fit

Lose Weight. Burn Calories– An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories.

Live Longer

Playing just 3 hours/week will reduce your risk of heart disease.

Strengthen Heart, Muscles and Bones

Compared to other sports, tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.

(40-year study conducted by Johns Hopkins University)

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing tennis involves several skills that all contribute to good hand-eye coordination. You can improve your agility, balance, coordination, reaction time and more.

Enjoy Family and Friends

Great for the whole family no matter what your age. With minimal equipment needed and plenty of courts nearby, it’s easy to bring a friend or find one at the courts.

Develop Teamwork and Sportsmanship

From doubles play to learn and league play, tennis develops your ability to communicate and work together.


Swimming Pool

Monday-Saturday: 5am-7:30pm

Sunday: 6am-7:30pm.

Fitness Center

Monday - Sunday: Access Available by Appointment with Bernard Go, PT.

Brought to you by: that awkward moment when you're wearing Nikes ... and you can't do it...

Presenting STRETCH - n - GO

It is our pleasure to announce the launching of STRETCH-n-GO, a Health and Wellness Clinic focussed on stretch-based therapy, offering an array of services from prevention to performance.

STRETCH-n-GO is led by Bernard Go PT, MS OCS, and staffed by highly skilled PTs, PTAs, Massage Therapists, and some of the area's elite trainers.

In addition to the free initial evaluations, we would like to offer a big introductory discount of 50% off of all services to Oakhurst members. Come in and try one of our Stretch-Fix sessions, Theragun Sessions, or 1-on-1 Training Sessions. Review the complete list of services and book any services that interest you by visiting Stretch N GO Clinics

Discounted Services include:

  • Health and Wellness Screen
  • Sports Performance Screen
  • Golf Physical Performance Assessment
  • Get Your Stretch Fix
  • Deep Tissue Mobilization/Stretch Session
  • Certified Massage Therapy Session
  • TheraGun Deep Tissue Work
  • Cupping
  • KT Taping

STRETCH-n-GO services will be accessible in the Oakhurst Fitness Center and is open for bookings to Oakhurst Members Only. If you are already a member please book online. Call Bernard Go at 925-344-3388 for more details.


Please Enjoy this Aerial Drone Footage of the Oakhurst CC Golf Course set to dramatic music, can you tell we love it here?


Help us build our following by promoting our memberships and club experience!! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and share our social media pages with your friends and family!! @oakhurstcountryclub #oakhurstcountryclubpride

Social Media plays a crucial role in connecting people, not only through developing relationships with an audience, but also provides a great opportunity to establish and improve the membership experience by gathering input, answering questions and responding to feedback. Oakhurst aims to sustain valuable connections with members and prospective members, increase awareness about country club life, and boost our outreach in the community and surrounding areas.
First impressions are important! Always give an unfamiliar face a warm welcome and introduce them to your social circle.

Formally introducing the February incoming Oakhurst Country Club Members.

Sports Members: Sarah, Ryan, Samantha, and Colin Garvin
Social Members: Patrick and Analy Negado
Full Golf Members: Michael and Lori Orr
Full Golf Members: Brendan, Renee, Keenan, Molly Jo, and Dominic Moran
Associate Golf Members: Jerome, Claire and Donovan Deguzman
Associate Golf Members: Trevor, Kendall, and Cameron Christensen Jr.

App & Website

We are currently in the process of updating the website. For the most up to date and accurate information, please visit the mobile app.


If you missed out on any of our membership communications, don't panic! We will always email communications to membership database to keep you all informed, but if you are not receiving the emails, not to worry. You can now find the important information you're worried you might have missed on the Oakhurst Country Club App Homepage.


We know, we know, dress code is the worst, but Oakhurst Country Club is committed to a relaxing, casual and non-offending golf and social club experience. These rules may change for specific club function (themed event) and in certain club areas at the discretion of the Club. All members, guests, private event, and outing participants must adhere to this dress code.


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February 2021 brought us the first ever Oakhurst Vista wedding site nuptials . Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bjorndal, newlyweds.
Mr. & Mrs. Bjorndal
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