Douglas Moore & Grant Alvernaz


Welcome all new members and existing members!! We can’t believe we are heading into the end of June already. It is such a relief to have the pandemic restrictions removed and masks gone and smiling faces back.

With all the work put into the golf course including irrigation, airification, drill and fill, fertilization, and tree removal, we are seeing the best golf course we have had at Oakhurst in the 2 1/2 years of our ownership. Many thanks to Peder and his crew and also members taking good care of the course.

Last month there were rumors circulating that we would be selling Oakhurst. There is no truth to that. We are always looking for investors and different ways of funding the capital needs of the country club. We are excited about our future and have no plans to sell it.

With swim team, the fitness center, Stretch n Go, tennis, and golf in full swing, we are now excited to start opening up for weddings, parties, reunions, and other events at Oakhurst. This is a very exciting time to have our new chef, Ruby, in a position to bring all our food and beverage activities to new levels. Please come and check the new menu changes that are already being well accepted.

We are moving forward with our solar installation and we are also working on Adding Shades/sails to our wedding and events venue up near the tennis courts.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to continue improving Oakhurst and making it one of the best country clubs in the bay area. We hope you find lots of new friends and great activities as you join in on the fun.



Hours of Operation By Department

  • SWIMMING POOL: 5:00AM - 7:30PM | OPEN 7 DAYS
  • TENNIS COURTS: 5:00AM - 11:00PM | OPEN 7 DAYS
  • FITNESS CENTER: 5:00AM - 11:00PM | OPEN 7 DAYS

Three Month Calendar of Events

JULY 2021

  • July 1 Castlewood/Berkeley/Crow Canyon/Stonetree SRGC
  • July 4 4th of July BBQ Special Poolside/Patio 11am-9pm
  • July 7 OWGC 2nd Day of NCGA Tournament
  • July 10 6,6,6 (You choose 6 white, 6 gold & 6 black) MGC
  • July 12 Outside Tournament SIR Branch 128 (52)
  • July 13-16 Fairway aerification
  • July 21 OWGC EBTP
  • July 26 Outside Tournament - AJGA (78)
  • July 28 OWGC Day#1 Partner Eclectic Tournament


  • August 2-6 Greens Aerification Solid Tine
  • August 3 WGANC Swingin’ Seniors at Oakhurst
  • August 4 Swingin’ Seniors at Discovery Bay
  • August 4 Day #2 Partner Eclectic Tournament
  • August 5 Cornhole and Coolers 6pm-8pm
  • August 11 Calcutta Dinner for the Member-Member MGC
  • August 12 Moraga/Claremont SRGC
  • August 18 OWGC Casual Guest Day
  • August 19 La Rinconada/Bayonet Villages SRGC
  • August 25 OWGC Senior Mixer Tournament
  • August 28-29 Annual Member-Member MGC


  • September 5 Wedding Ceremony/Reception 5pm-10pm
  • September 9-11 Member – Guest
  • September 13-17 Tee Box Aerification
  • September 18 Wedding Ceremony/Reception 4:30pm-10pm
  • September 19 Wedding Ceremony/Reception 5pm-10pm
  • September 20 Outside Tournament - Del Gavio (80) 9:30am
  • September 23 Green Tee Tournament SRGC
  • September 24 Wedding Ceremony/Reception 5pm-10pm
  • September 25-26 Match Play Club Championship Qualifying MGC
  • September 27 Outside Tournament SIR 128 (52 players)

Rich Villalobos


President Rich Villalobos, Vice President Steve Howard, Secretary Bobby Fuller, Member at Large Charlie Rogers

It’s great to see the club slowly getting back to normalcy. I’ve noticed many new bright and smiling faces in the cart barn and dining areas anxious to serve you. Some are returning employees; most are new high school and college kids home for the summer. I have a soft spot for server’s because many years ago my daughter waited on tables at a small breakfast café in downtown Clayton.

One afternoon she came home crying because a Bay Area news anchor (not Dan Ashley) was verbally abusive to her because she forgot his orange juice. She told me he was going to play a round at Oakhurst after breakfast. I was so mad I wanted to find him and punch him in the nose! Don’t be that guy! I ask for your patience; it’s going to take time to get these young adults ahead of the learning curve. It’s also going to take time to figure out staffing requirements as F&B hours are extended. Relax, leave a big tip and enjoy the sunset.

Speaking of service excellence, I want to wish Derek, our long-time bartender, the best of luck in his pursuit of a new career!!


Paula Olsen


Farewell from Paula Olsen

Dear Members of Oakhurst Country Club,

This will be my last Newsletter article contribution as I have made the extremely hard decision to step away from my duties here at Oakhurst Country Club as your Head Golf Professional. It has been 3 years since I accepted a position here at Oakhurst and it is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure.

I have formed some wonderful relations with the members and their guests. I have worked with several outstanding associates, and I will deeply miss all of you. Thank you for your friendships and for trusting me as your golf professional.

I have enjoyed announcing you on the first tee and challenging you on my putting courses and everything in between. I will miss the smiling faces and the love and support you have given to me over the years.

My time is needed at home, and I need to be there.

Now to my parting pearls of wisdom:

  • Golf is a game, have fun while you are out there playing it. The more fun you have, the better you play. Grinding over every shot is no fun for you, or anyone playing with you and your scores generally reflects that.
  • Keep it simple out there. Turn away from the target and through to the target in balance.
  • Do not try to hit the ball; let the ball get in the way of the club as it swings through to the target.
  • Spend most of your time practicing your short game. It is 65% of your total score!
  • Remember your putting mantra: Stroke - Listen - Look You will hear more putts drop into the hole!

Pars & Birdies



Although we continue to see the overall course conditions improve, irrigation scars fill in and health of the greens improve thanks in part to the Drill and Fill, at this time we are unable to mow the greens as low as we would like to due to equipment failure.

We have made adjustments to our tee mower to be able to mow the greens while we wait for parts to come in. However, shipping and receiving products of any kind is a real problem due to the ripple effects from Covid. We are doing everything we can to creatively solve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these trying times.



On Monday, June 28th, I got to volunteer at the 2021 USGA Women’s Amateur Qualifying event at Peninsula Golf & Country Club in San Mateo. There were 106 players who were competing to take 8 spots (along with 2 alternates) to play in New York next year. They got a great day to play golf, as the weather was spectacular! This was the biggest field in the nation for this qualifying event, and our own Deborah Robinson (Oakhurst Women’s Golf Club Champion) was competing for a spot.

I had to make a few simple rulings, but I was a little surprised that they came-up. One of them was while a player and her caddie (who was her Daddy) were looking for their ball in play that seemed to disappear after a perfect fairway shot. I was about to call them on their time (3-minutes to find their ball in play), when the caddie found it in a very deep drain covered by grass. They identified the ball, then asked me how to correctly take free relief. I helped the player mark the nearest point of relief (NPR) with a tee, then she took her driver out of the bag to mark her relief area from the tee (pie shaped area). She dropped the ball from knee height and was able to play on. The relief area after the 2019 rule changes in my opinion, give you much more room to drop in now. You have to make sure the area to drop in is no nearer the hole.

Play on!



Sadie Hawkins Tournament (Low Net):

First Flight

  • 1st Place- Christine Anderson/Charlie Gebhart
  • 2nd Place-Patrice Dennis/BudHedglen
  • 3rd Place-Linda Mullen/ Brian Criss

2nd Flight

  • 1st Place-Kelly Sawatsky/Ron Hurtz
  • 2nd Place-Sonia Lele/Bob Bucey
  • 3rd Place-Leslie Marr/Jack Duncan

Putting Contest Winners (Closest to the hole):

Martin Brady, Charlie Gebhart, Robert Sawatsky

  • Hole #3 DarrylYasutake/ Patrice Dennis
  • Hole #8 Dale Dennis/ Patrice Dennis
  • Hole #11 Robert Sawatsky/Linda Mullen
  • Hole# 13 Rich Wilson/Sue Howell

The ladies play every Wednesday, 8:30 Shotgun start, June 2nd. Twice a month, we have free play days. Once you join the Ladies’ Golf Club, you can sign up on ForeTees under Tournament Registration. To join, contact Paula Olsen, our Head Pro, or you can contact our Membership Chairperson, Ann Brady at: amcdcpa@gmail.com. To play in our tournaments you will need a valid handicap, and an NCGA GHIN number. We invite lady golfers that might be interested in our group, to come out on a Wednesday and play with us.

Drew Hagen


The Men's Club play one Saturday every month, plus events and tournaments throughout the year. If you are interested please email Michael Han and Bobby Fuller. The Member-Guest has sold out and we are accepting teams to the waitlist!

Bill Callahan


June was a month of welcome change. As California gradually moved into the post-pandemic era, the agenda for Oakhurst Senior Golf Program outings slowly returned to normal. Mask restrictions eased. Cart dividers were lowered. Tee times gave way to shotgun starts. “Grab and go” food items (or no food at all) were replaced by sit-down meals. As a result, we saw a refreshing uptick in interest and participation in senior events, which we hope will carry through the rest of the season.

Most events feature team and individual competitions. The team competitions are usually best two net scores of the foursome under the Stableford scoring system. Oakhurst members also contend for individual low gross and low net honors. In both competitions, players earn points for Senior Golfer of the Year awards. At the end of the year, the player who has accumulated the most points and the winner of the season-ending, limited field tournament have their achievements memorialized on a plaque that hangs on the wall between the bar and the Pro Shop.

We started the month by hosting teams from Blackhawk and Rossmoor on June 2nd. Although we played before COVID-19 restrictions were eased our guests had a good time playing the course, which was in excellent condition. Oakhurst members on the winning teams included James Townsend (1st), Jeff Martin (2nd) and Mike Chapman (3rd). Low Gross honors went to Marty Krizay (77), while Jeff Martin won Low Net honors (69).

The annual trip to La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos is one of the best events of the year. The course is always in great shape and the sit-down dinner is first-class. The Oakhurst members on the winning teams were Marty Brady (1st), Rich Bernat (2nd) and James Townsend (3rd). Rich Bernat won Low Gross honors with a smooth 76, while Bill Callahan took home Low Net honors with a 69. Rich and Bill also won Close to the Pin competitions, which made their long drives home quite enjoyable.

We visited Moraga Country Club on June 10th. It was cool for a few holes, but the day warmed up nicely as play progressed. The Oakhurst members on the winning teams were Blake Koc (1st), Donald Duggan and Ed Stroebel (2nd) and Steve Larragueta (3rd). Steve Larragueta also won Low Gross honors with a stellar round of 73, while Donald Duggan and Doug Wright shared Low Net honors at 69. Ed Stroebel and Doug Wright won Close to the Pin competitions.

The month concluded with our annual overnight trip to the Sierra Foothills to play at Greenhorn Creek and Copper Valley. The format for this event was aggregate net score for both rounds and featured men’s and women’s competitions. This format is enjoyable because past performance is no guarantee of overall success. The deck was well and truly shuffled between rounds this year!

When all the scores were entered into the Excel spreadsheet, the victors in the men’s division were Larry Long (+4), Rich Bernat (+5), Bill Callahan (+7), James Gee (+8) and Kelly Park (+9). In the women’s division, Ann McDonough took first place, while Sue Howell finished in second place.

There were Close to the Pin competitions for the men and the women on both days. The Greenhorn Creek contest was a Howell Family affair, with Brad and Sue Howell sweeping the competition and winning two bottles of wine. For the record, Sue’s shot was closer to the hole than Brad’s! At Copper Valley, Dennis Byerley bested Jack Duncan by about 4 feet to win for the men, but Ann McDonough beat both of them by roughly 20 feet to win for the women!

As we head into summer, the competition for Senior Golfer of the Year awards is heating up. Jack Duncan currently leads the pack with 70 points, but Marty Brady (64 points) and Charlie Rogers (62 points) are hot on his heels! Larry Long, Dan Smith and Mike Sibbit (37 points) are currently tied for the 16th and final spot in the season-ending tournament.

We have a very full schedule for July. We open with a home event on July 1st and then visit Richmond, Stonetree, Castlewood, Berkeley and Contra Costa. Sign-ups are done through the ForeTees system, usually about a month in advance.

Membership in the Oakhurst Senior Program is open to all male members aged 50 or over. You do not have to be a member of the Men’s Club to join. Dues are currently $50 per year, which the Senior Golf Committee uses to fund prizes and scrip. For further information and details, contact Senior Program Co-Chairman Steve Larragueta by email at Larraguetas@Yahoo.com.

Al Sardelich


To date the Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Senior Skins have played over 625 rounds. The informal group meets on skins days by 8:00 AM, preceeded by checkin @ the pro shop & payment of $15.

Parring are made then the fun begins. Handicaps are checked daily using Fore Tees.Skins are determined by the lowest score recorded on a hole.Closets to the hole on all par three's are also part of the daily payoff. Scorecards must be signed & returned to the Pro Shop for scoring purposes. Fore Tee's determines the winners.

To date we have had one hole in one & 4 Gross Eagles. The Skins play by the rules of golf & are enforced. Max handicap for a Skins player is 24.

At year end the Annual Bob Lee Skins Tournment is held, & player of the year is crowned. The Tourney benefits the John Muir Foundation. To date over $20000 has been raised.

The Senior Skins was started shortly after the club open. Since the inception over $21000 has been raised. A big thank to our Senior Skins players for their thoughtfulness & Oakhurst for there support of our annual event. Bob Lee Skins Tour Final tally from the John Muir Foundation indicates that we raised $5560.00 from our December tourney. Total dollars raised to date $21150.00. Big thank you to our donors, sponsors & players for their generous support.


Chef Ruby Oliveros

We have a new menu! Come by Friday through Sunday 11AM - 7PM and check it out!!

Fourth of July BBQ - Special Menu Served 4PM-9PM:

  • Habanero Peach BBQ Chicken Wings pickled cauliflower and radishes (six pieces) 11
  • Fire Grilled Beef Burgers cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, dill pickle, brioche bun 12
  • Cantaloupe Arugula Feta Salad chickpea croutons, radish, lemon herb vinaigrette 12
  • Cauliflower Potato Salad mayonnaise, red onions, celery, dill pickles 8
  • Togarashi Pasta Chips lemon aioli 6
  • Chili Spiced Nachos stout beer cheese dip 10

Jacob Ortega


USTA Teams:

  • Adult 18 & Over Women’s 3.0 – Kelly Sanchez
  • Adult 40 & Over Women’s 3.0 – Becky Whisenhunt
  • Adult 40 & Over Women’s 3.5 Daytime – Wendy Schofield
  • Adult 18 & Over Women’s 4.0 Daytime – Jeri Feuer
  • Adult 18 & Over Women’s 4.0 – Kristina Karr
  • Adult 40 & Over Women’s 4.0 Daytime – Jeri Feuer
  • Adult Mixed 18 & Over 8.0 – Christopher Cast


  • Friday Night Tennis July 9th at 4:30 – 6:30pm $20 member / $30 non-member
  • Friday Night Tennis July 16th at 4:30 – 6:30pm $20 member / $30 non-member
  • Friday July 30th 2.5/3.0 in house Tennis Tournament $30 member / $40 non-member

Friday Night Tennis

Hosted by: Chris Gasparro

Come join me as I will be hosting a doubles clinic for new players, teaching mechanics as well as tennis strategy. Whether you already have a partner or are looking for new people to play with, this is a perfect opportunity to interact and meet fellow players. I will be providing drinks and snacks while following CDC/USTA guidelines.

The cost is $20 for members and $30 for non-members with either cash, check payable to Oakhurst CC, or a charge to your membership account. Collected at the time of the event. Contact me if you are interested.

Tennis Stringing

Contact Chris Gasparro for Tennis Stringing. Phone number (925) 381-7543

Oakhurst Summer Tennis Programs

June 14th – August 6th

Tiny Mites (Ages 4 – 6) 11:00 – 11:30 am Monday – Thursday

  • Tiny Mites is an introduction to tennis as well as developing the necessary motor skills to play tennis.
  • Tiny Mites Season Pass: $345 for members / $385 for non-members.
  • Two Week Cost: $100 for members / $115 for non-members
  • Day Rate Option: $14

Future Stars (Ages 7-10) 8:45 - 9:45 am Monday – Thursday

  • Future Stars include beginners to intermediate level players. This camp is an in-depth learning of the sport aimed at building skills in a fun environment.
  • Future Stars Season Pass: $465 for members / $495 for non-members
  • Two weeks Cost: $150 for members / $170 for non-members
  • Day Rate Option: $20

Junior Aces (Ages 11 & up) 10:45 – 12 pm Monday – Thursday

  • Junior Aces include low-intermediate to mid-advanced level players. This camp stresses proper technique to all strokes. This camp builds an all-around game to prepare players for USTA.
  • Junior Aces Season Pass: $485 for members / $515 for non-members.
  • Two Week Cost: $165 for members / $190 for non-members
  • Day Rate Option: $23

Advantages Team (Ages 13 & up) 1:00 – 2:45 pm Monday – Thursday | 12:00 – 1:30 pm Friday for Ladder Matches Starting July 3rd

  • Advantage Team Season Pass: $550 for members / $585 for non-members (includes 32 practices)
  • 16 Team Practices Cost: $305 for members / $330 for non-members
  • 12 Team Practices Cost: $265 for members / $305 for non-members
  • Ladder Matches: $10 weekly fee (includes Pizza, Fruit, Snacks, & Drinks)

Season Passes

Season Pass holders may attend unlimited classes during the 8-week program with the tennis party at no charge. We also have daily rates and weekly rates. Siblings will get a discount rate of 15% if they do pay for the whole summer pass.


If you have any questions, Contact Coach Jake or Coach Ricky.


Private lessons are $65 for groups of 2, $25 per person for groups of 3 or more. Sessions are usually conducted Monday - Friday. Interested parties should contact Jacob Ortega.


Swim Team Practice Schedule

Swim Team Meet Schedule

Private and Group Lessons for All Ages

For info on adult/private lessons, you can find more info on pricing, instructors, and how you can sign up book a session or a package by emailing your inquiries to Jasmine Castillo, Oakhurst Orca Head Swim Coach at SwimCoach@oakhurstcc.com


Bernard Go


  • Intro TRX circuit training class
  • Group Stretch and Be Fit
  • Golf Fit to Drive Your Game
  • Youth Conditioning-Set good habits early!


Demo Day

STRETCH-n-GO will be doing our own demo day at the range to help you invest in your swing. We will demo TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) golf screens and will demo launch monitor/video sessions utilizing the power of Mevo Flightscope. Stay tuned for more details or book in advance at 925-344-3388.

We look forward to stretching, strengthening, performance training, and helping you to be a better you!

Staff List

  • Bernard Go PT, MS OCS, TPI
  • Kristen Joyal PTA, TRX, Certified Trainer
  • Karen Rodriguez LMT

CONTACT: 925-344-3388


  • Health and Wellness Screen
  • Sports Performance Screen
  • Golf Physical Performance Assessment
  • Get Your Stretch Fix
  • Deep Tissue Mobilization/Stretch Session
  • Certified Massage Therapy Session
  • TheraGun Deep Tissue Work
  • Cupping
  • KT Taping

lindsey walker


Hole in Ones

Congratulations to the following members who shot a Hole in One at the Oakhurst Golf Course in June, 2021!!

Sandy Mazza

On June 9, 2021, Sandy made a Hole in One on the 13th hole using a Hybrid 30 degree 95 yards from the tee box using a precept Ball and a Bobby Jones Club. This will be Sandy's 6th Hole in One in 25 years of playing golf!

Dan Buhler

On June 17, 2021, Dan made a hole in one on the 13th hole using a pitching wedge 122 yards from the tee box using a Titleist ball and a XXIO 10 club. This will be Dan's 2nd hole in one in 60+ years of playing golf!

Lauren Towner

On June 17, 2021, Lauren made a hole in one on the 8th hole using a 9 iron 105 yards from the tee box using a Callaway ball. This was Lauren's FIRST EVER hole in one in 1 year of playing golf.

Independence Day Event

Come out and celebrate our nation's Independence Day at Oakhurst CC! Find out all the details by clicking the link below!


New Full Golf Members

  • Ezra Gould and family
  • Fabiola Jauregui and family
  • David Dyess and family
  • Rajesh Sharma and family
  • Dan Panzica and family

New Executive Golf Members

  • Ryan Breslin and family
  • Ryan Richey and family

New Junior Golf Members

  • Reece Mahay

New Sport Members

  • Marisa Lujan and family
  • Jasjit Nanhwan and family
  • Lorraine Salavarria and family
  • Sarah Zedaker and family



On behalf of Oakhurst Country Club Owners and Management we thank you for your kind patience as we address the unexpected high demand for key fob access to the Fitness Center and Swimming Pool.

The company who manufactures the key fobs has experienced shipping difficulties, leaving us without key fobs to fulfill your requests.

All key fob requests have all been recorded and will be filled once our shipment arrives. At that time, an update email will be sent, prompting you to pick up your key fobs at the proshop.

We understand that your Fitness Center and Swimming Pool access is of utmost importance. For this reason...

1. The Fitness Center doors will remain unlocked 5 AM - 5 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK.

2. The Swimming Pool can be accessed without a keycard via the gate near the restaurant's outdoor patio. The gate code is posted on the bottom of the keypad. 5 AM - 7 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK



The F&B Minimum was set to apply to all memberships on June 30, 2021, however due to a system error, the minimum will not be applied this quarter. The $150 Quarterly F&B minimum will be applied during Quarter 3 to all memberships.

F&B Minimum is applied Q3: July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021

Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage



Please bookmark our weddings and events website, where you will find information on our weddings and event packages and any event promotions. As part of your membership, facility fees are already included. Our banquet space is great for birthday parties, anniversaries and any event you can think of.
We have constructed a new wedding and event site between the tennis courts and pool area that will double as a party rental space as well. Please reach out if you plan to host an event and we can go over your options and provide you a proposal.

Upcoming Private Events

  • June 26- Auction event
  • June 28- Martha's Celebration of Life
  • July 1 - OSGC Castlewood/Berkeley/Crow Canyon/Stonetree
  • July 21 - East Bay Team Play Spring Meeting 2021
  • July 25 - Nickie's Bridal Shower
  • July 28 - Giada's Quinceanera

Congratulations to the following Newlyweds who had their events booked with us!

  • Melanie and Troy Lopez: Married June 11
  • Danielle and Tim Jones: Married June 13
  • Amber and Nick Fellman: Married June 20th
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