Cadee's Portfolio Photography 1: W7

Rule of Thirds

The picture above demonstrates the rule of thirds and focuses on the flower, while blurring out the background behind it. The flower in this picture takes up about two thirds of the space. The center of the flower is placed about one third of the way across the picture. The secondary focal point are the flowers in the background. I really love the colors that are brought out in this picture.

Leading Lines

The picture above displays leading lines. The viewers main focus when they first look at this picture would be the door. The railing allows your eyes to go up the picture and will lead them to the door. The steps forces your eyes to follow them up and they lead you to the door as well. Both aspects of leading lines lead your eyes to the main focal point of the picture. The door, steps and the wall around the door are worn out and the filter I added, adds to the rustic look. I like how you can see the reflection of the sky and clouds in the glass window of the door. The picture displays leading lines and makes the rustic look pop.


The picture above represents the use of macro, because it allows the person taking the pictures to focus in and appreciate the up close details of the subject. It allows you to see each petal of the flower, and it makes the yellow pop. If you look closely, you are able to see the buds amongst the flowers that haven't yet bloomed.


The picture above is an example of monochrome photography. The highlights of the bark of the tree are light and the shadows in the background are very dark. Contrast is displayed in the picture; it directs the viewer's attention to the subject. You can see the array of tones, from the lightest tone to the darkest, or the differences from white to black.


This picture represents portrait photography, because the main focus is the person in this picture. I edited the picture using GIMP, and in GIMP I adjusted the color curves of the picture, and I added a red tint throughout the picture to make his flannel pop. I also cloned parts of Garrett’s jeans to cover up his keychain that was on his right pant leg under his hand. On top of that, I used the color picker tool and airbrush to add a little bit of color to the wall behind Garrett.

Edited Still Life

The picture above is a good example of still life photography. I brought all the materials from home and I used Ms. Martin’s black backdrop in class to take this picture. I plugged the christmas tree lights in and put them in front of the backdrop and the home plate to add some light and a christmas effect to the picture, since it is Christmas time. I struggled with getting the right lighting on the picture, so I turned a row of lights off in the classroom and that helped a lot. The picture was originally in color, but I decided to lower the color saturation and put a filter on it using GIMP.

Homework Pictures

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