The reservation/tribe life separates natives from the rest of America

"The modern world can seem so very far away from village life. 'I just learned about Amazon last month,' she said. 'I just learned about Facebook last year.'" Natives learn about media slower than others because of how separated they are from the res of America.

"In 2010, Bell-Joe said, at least eight people committed suicide in Hooper Bay, then a community of about 1,100. Even more attempted to kill themselves." So many in their community try to commit suicide but it's an issue that's never brought up in American media, making it seem as if they're separate from other Americans.

Source: "Group offers hope to Native Alaskan youth" From Newsela

"Members of the tribe and others argued the project would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural sites." The American government wanted to create a pipeline that would contaminate the Natives water source, had they been closer to Americans this never would've been in development.

"He added that the National Guard and law enforcement have armored vehicles and are armed, warning: 'If we come forward, they will attack us.'" Enforcement is violent towards Natives even though all they are doing is protesting for clean water, an essential for life. Had they been regular Americans, they would've been treated better but they've been separated from other regular Americans.

Source: "Standing Rock tribe claims victory after decision on Dakota Access pipeline" From Newsela

"'We also look forward to a serious discussion during a series of consultations ... on whether there should be nationwide reform on the tribal consultation process for these types of infrastructure projects,' the statement said." Natives are so separated from Americans that during the building and planning of the Dakota pipeline and other infrastructural projects, they are not thought of or asked about the projects.

"But a federal appeals court Sunday denied the tribe's request to order a temporary stop to construction," The tribe tried to have construction halted but the courts decided they couldn't do that because they were thought to be unimportant.

source: "Federal agencies again urge halt to Dakota pipeline opposed by tribe" From Newsela

"I had followed the rules of fighting. I had behaved exactly the way I was supposed to behave. But these white boys had ignored the rules. In fact, they followed a whole other set of mysterious rules where people apparently DID NOT GET INTO FISTFIGHTS." (Page 65) Juniors rules were completely different from the white kids because on the rez they had completely different culture than their neighboring towns and most of America.

"On the rez, you know every kids father, mother, grandparents, dog, cat, and shoe size." (page 153) On the reservation they have come to know each other very well because they are somewhat forced to be together all the time. Outside the rez people have more freedom and so they don't get as close.

So, problems faced by Native Americans are not portrayed in American media because reservation/tribe life has separated them from other Americans.

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