Florida Nature Museum IAn Carton

Nature on Display: As I entered the Museum I was cast in the shadow of something much larger looming ahead. Deciding this would be a great intro picture, I turned quickly snapping the shot. Walking towards the butterfly exhibit I could feel eyes peering over chairs and benches of tourists wondering what a college student was doing mixed among the school groups.
Nature on Display: The entrance to the Butterfly exhibit makes you feel small,cramped and claustrophobic. Once you turn the corner your senses are overloaded by the sight of 30 foot ceiling covered with butterfly facts and specimens.
Nature on Display: Looking down the long hallway I was amazed how the exhibit seemed to stretch for eternity. Through what seemed like the only hole in the entire hallway, i entered the Outdoor enclosure.(Making sure to let the first door close behind me before I paced through the second door.
Nature on Display: What lay before me made me reminisce about our reading of the Garden of Eden. Tropical Flowers spewed scents through the air. Moss and ferns comprised of colors so unique that it made you feel special. A literal brook was babbling straight through the middle with fish swimming around lazily.
Nature on Display: Due to the cold only a few butterfly's were tumbling through the air. I found a group relaxing behind a bush in a corner of the exhibit.
Nature on Display: This creature was as large as my hand ( I don't have small hands). If I saw this out in the wild I may think i traveled back in time, scared I may be surrounded by Triceratops and a T-Rex. The sights, sounds, and smells sucked me into this exhibit. I learned through this exhibit the shear amounts of color and shapes that the butterfly's can come in, unless I experienced it I don't know if i would have realized the beauty of the insects before me. Being a marine science major I love the outdoors and nature especially the sort that involves Florida, so a whole museum dedicated to preserving and educating about the beauty of nature is perfect.
Nature and Ethics: The whole flow of the museum is perfect for the way that Leopold recommends to experience nature and how to understand it. A few signs were dedicated to conservation efforts, thus eliminating the fear that conservation is "doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value". The museum instills a sense of pride and knowledge into its visitors. These feelings then cause the visitors to feel a responsibility towards the environment. The museum connects people to nature by taking them on one way paths immersed with info on different environmental aspects.
Nature and Ethics: One of the aspects that was portrayed in an display room was a history and the present changes of Florida's coastline. Before walking into the museum I felt I already had a great understanding of the present ethical responsibility to the environment. However, I can say that always accepting new information doesn't hurt in grasping a idea of the ecosystems.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps us step out of our daily routine and look at the amazing things that have happened in the world. It creates a sense of wonder and awe, when skeletons of things that walked the earth only a few thousand years ago are six to eight times your size. The image of the shark jaws are over ten feet tall alone. I wouldn't want to be surfing when this sucker in the water.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This was a species that I thought was interesting. It was a mix between a dog and a bear.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This birds name summarizes how I think anything that saw it would react.
Nature and the Human Spirit: Not only were there butterflies, but birds soared through the air also.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The poison dart frogs look as though they are made of plastic. I promise that they move.


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