The life of my hero

My hero's name is Victor Servin.He is my dad.He is from Guanajuato Nuevo Leon.He was born in Guanajuato he was there for 14 years. The reason i chose to interview him because he is a person i admire the most. The reason i admire him because of all the things he been through he still keeps going forward.I decided to interview my dad because he deserves all my respect and i think this is a way to show that i respect him and admire him.This is the interview of my dad.

An obstacle this person had to overcome was crossing the border. This was an obstacle this person had to overcome because that was the thing that stopped him from achieving his goal which was going to the U.S for a better life.Another obstacle he had to overcome was him not being able to learn english at an early age for him to be even more successful.This is a big obstacle that my hero had to overcome because hear in United States most people speak english.Another obstacle that my hero faced was

This person was able to maintain his family without them having to suffer of being poor.He accomplished this by going to work every day and always trying his best.My dad is the most hard working man I know. He is always working hard to make sure we are never missing anything that we need. Another achievement that this person achieved was him doing his job the best he can and the people feel satisfied with his work. This is an accomplishment because if he didn’t work the way he does he might of had to find another job to feed his family. One last thing my dad accomplished was him making it to the U.S. This was a big accomplishment because not everybody that try make it some get caught by ICE,gangs and some even die.

This person is a positive influence in my life because he gave me positive advice.He also lead me through the right pass.Plus he is my dad.I always thought that parents could be the best influence in your life because they want the best for you. This person has a positive influence because I learn from him the most because he is always giving advice or he gets mad at me when I mess up.Him getting mad helps allot because that will help me not do it again and nobody get as mad at you as your parents.


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