A foggy start to Escrick Park

Below is a link to a video of the 2019 Escrick Park ride for you to enjoy.

It was a misty, foggy start for the first ride of the season for the North & East Yorkshire EGB group, as usual at Escrick Park (note this is from 2019).

So much so that the start time was pushed back a little to allow people more time to arrive and to ensure that the stewards were in place for the road crossing, keeping everyone safe when leaving the venue and crossing into the park and wood area.

As the early route section was the same as previous years, that was where I headed for straight away. I love the photos I get here, with the skeletal form of the trees, the option of a stately looking house in the background (not really happening today), and the opportunity to try and photograph most of the riders early and hopefully still have time to move positions and capture them later on in the ride.

It really was a dense fog, and when i got to the temple it was very eerie. The photos were stripped right back with the focus solely on the rider, no sky detail, buildings to muddy the view, just a few bare trees to add interest and depth to the image. It was very isolating, out there in the middle, being able to hear the riders before they were visible gave an air of anticipation to see who and how many was going to appear. All the riders seemed to be in good spirits, but it was a great day to be out; with camera or horse.

I really do love the temple location, but I also like to get into the woods and as the sun began to break up the fog I saw a gap in the riders and thought now was the time to make a run for it. There is always that bit of time when you can see riders heading for the site you have just left or passed the section you are heading for. All I can do is get to the next section as fast as possible. This year there was a new section which actually took us passed a firing range which I have to be honesty never expected. I wonder what you and your horses thought of it and how you managed?

As the ride progressed I moved further round exploring the track of the woodland, and found a beautiful little spot which allowed (if you wanted) space for you to give your horse a little encouragement for the camera. I was really enjoying the sound of the woods, and the sunshine as it broke through the branches and lighting up my subjects. I think one of my favourite shots is to the left, riders through a tunnel of bare branches forming a guard of honor to let you through.

Due to a weather postponement I was unable to attend the re-arranged ride date for this year (2020), so hope that you all had a good ride. Hopefully this video will help to remember the thrill of the ride during the tough times of isolation we are all going through with COVID-19 at the moment.

​For details check out the North and East Endurage GB website at the following link.

I look forward to see you all there.