Tropical Utopia

Shelter: In my Utopia, I would live in a small house that looks over the beach. The house would be equipped with furniture, appliances and wifi. I would have no direct neighbors.

Food and clothing: On my island there would be a strip mall which has a different variety of restaurants and clothing stores. Groceries would be delivered to my door weekly and there will be different types of tropical fruit to choose from in the jungle.

Entertainment/Essentials: Netflix and internet is a priority. Cellphone service is mandatory. I would also have an indoor baseball diamond with batting cages. There would be a hammock on my deck. I would have at least one dog as well. A big portion of my time would be spend on the beach and in the ocean.
Motto: "Hardly Working". I feel that this motto speaks to my personality as proven by my work ethic in this class. I love relaxing and to just be left to my thoughts on occasion and this environment allows me to do this.

Surviving in a tropical jungle can be very difficult. There are several problems that can arise including dangerous animals, the heat, finding a viable food source and many others. I think that my tribes excellent teamwork and intelligence would greatly increase the chances of our survival.


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