War of Roses Boston Williams

The Houses

House of Lancaster

The color of their rose was red

House of York

The color of their rose was white

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry Vl

Henry Vl takes the crown and married a girl from the country they are at war with.

He was crowned king of England and France when he was born.

Edward lV

Richard lll, the brother of Edward lV, they had a sibling rivalry.

He was the first York to become a king, he was king for most of the war.

Richard III-Guilty or Not

The two sons of Henry disappear out of nowhere and now Richard is king.

The story could of been made up by the people who hated him and wanted him to have a bad reputation.

Battle of Bosworth Field

During this battle, Richard lll was killed and defeated.

Richard was the one with the larger army.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

Henry Tudor

He did not have a good reputation on the throne of England.

House of Tudor

Henry marries Edward daughter and unites the two houses.


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