Moments The story of my Adventures in Morro baY

What are moments? They are those precious instances in time where everything seems to stop, and you find yourself experiencing life.

For four days during my Spring Break. I went to Morro Bay and San Simeon.

While out there, I found myself experiencing many moments that I remember fondly. Whether it was seeing amazing wildlife.

Eating amazing food...

Or just discovering new places that the locals go to.

I even got the chance to go up north to Hearst Castle!

My favorite parts of Hearst Castle were being able to see all the historical artifacts there with my own eyes.

The most important part of this trip however....

Was that I got the chance to share these moments with both of my parents.

Those are the moments that I experienced on my trip, and I urge you to go out as well and travel! Go create some moments for yourself!

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