Independence Mohandas Gandhi

Who am I?

I am an independence leader in India, who supports the Indian nationalist movement for the end of British colonialism. I do this through methods of peaceful protest such as rallies, civil disobedience and fasting, as well as boycotts. I hope that you, the people of India, will join me in my struggle, for you are the biggest victims of British rule.

Why do I want Independence?

The British are the biggest reason behind the poor living conditions in our country. A majority of the Indian population lives in poverty because British cloth companies are more popular than the ones here in India. When families who spin their own cloth do not make any money, they fall below the poverty line. Also, we are forced to pay heavy taxes, which further keep us from gaining any real economic ground. In addition to this, we are heavily discriminated against by the British. We are a minority within our own country, and every day, innocent people are murdered by their soldiers. In fact, the Amritsar Massacre alone held over 1,500 casualties. We cannot allow the British to impoverish, and oppress us any longer.

How Will I Achieve Independence?

I have always been a firm believer in nonviolent protest, and I will continue to do so until India is free of British rule. By spinning our own cloth, we can weaken the British companies, and as such, their ability to rule here as well. Through civil disobedience, the British will have to listen to our demands eventually, and those demands will not be ignored. As of right now, I am planning a 240 mile march to the Arabian Sea, where I will sit down and make salt, to protest the law against making our own salt, as well as the tax for buying it.

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