The Southern Colonies How Life in the South was Like.

These are the Southern Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, South and North Carolina and Georgia.

Daily Life

The most important fact about daily life in the southern colonies is that it was hard. For example you had to make your own butter by churning cream from your cow it could take hours to mix because it gets thicker as you mix and gets harder to move. Secondly you have to go outside every day to get the water from the well so you can quench your thirst and your family's.

Thirdly you had to manually grow vegetables and farm your own cow and kill your own chickens and you can get attached to the animals.

Europeans hard at work on the house
Pictures of daily life


Kids in the southern Colonies had different schooling for the boys and girls. Girls could learn a few things as boys did such as reading, writing , and chipher but girls education stopped after reading, writing , and chipher. But gentry boys continued the boys learned different languages like latin,greek, and hebrew and the gentry boys learned history and geography they also went to college. Gentry boys could have been doctors , lawyers, clergymen , or other professions. Though boys could learn all these things doesn't mean girls weren't as smart or as rich as the boys were. Here's a fun fact about a young lady named Priscilla Carter, she became Williamsburg’s wealthiest families she also didn't learn multiplication or division until she was fifteen! in addition to the jobs the boys couldn't have the girls could have the girls couldn't learn how to study for the professions or go to college.

Colonial Kids studying hornbooks


The most important thing about the southerns food is that they have the best farming. The weather is warm there. For example, they grow tobacco to earn money so they can buy more supplies that can be useful. Tobacco is the main crop they grow there. In addition, they snack on apples. They usually only eat big meals when an special occasion. You never know what they are gonna have for dinner. It could be cornbread, and beans. You never know.

Yum yum, tasty meat this Colonial cook made.
Pictures of Colonial Food

Slavery was very important to the Southern Colonies but was also very cruel, which included Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and South and North Carolina. First off, the slaves farmed the plantations for no money. They were fed little and worked non-stop even if it was stormy or a burning summer day. They farmed lots of tobacco, indigo and rice, which were sold and rice was also used an important food source.

Second, slaves had almost nothing. They usually didn’t have money or nice clothes. Most slaves were Africans. The slaves could be sold to a different owner than their baby or mom.

Lastly, even though they weren't treated fairly, when the slaves had free time, which wasn’t very often, they still knew how to have fun. They liked to dance, sing and play banjos. Consequently, they were whipped and beaten.

In conclusion, slavery was very important to the Southern Colonies because, they farmed plantations, they sparked the Civil War. They still had fun even though they were treated unfairly.

"Hard-working slaves, 25 silver coins a slave!"
Slaves in the South


The most important thing about government in the southern English-American colonies is that only rich white men could enter the legislature, or be governor. Most men in the House of Burgesses were of the Anglican Church.


"Follow the drinking gourd,"


The most important thing about southern shelters is how they were made.For example the rich people would be made of bricks because bricks would not catch on fire . Poorer people would live in wood houses because wood was a lot cheaper and was less hard to make. Government buildings were also made of bricks they were very fancy on the outside and inside. If you were a farmer you'd live in a house along with a barn and maybe stables. Millers would have a windmill along with their house. Slaves lived in a small cabin close to where they would work. Overall the southern colonies depended on shelters and the supplies to make them to keep them alive.

Pictures of Colonial Shelters

Native Americans

Natives were very important and hurtful to the Southern Colonies which included Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, and North Carolina. One reason the Natives were important to the Southern Colonies were because they helped the Southern Colonies start off in the “New World”. In addition the Natives helped even when the Southern Colonies were doing fine. But, on the other hand, the Natives got in wars with the Southern Colonies, and both sides usually lose a lot in those wars. Another reason the Natives were hurtful to the Southern Colonies was because they would raid Colonies, burn down houses, steal prized goods, and much more. But, in the end, the Southern Colonies won the battle.

Native Americans had many conflicts with the Europeans
"Put your hands up,"

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